I love Markham Vineyards wine. They have some pretty schmancy stuff that can cost a good dollar (well worth it in my book, though), but then they have stuff for everyday consumers like myself. And, what I like, is that I don’t feel like they skimp on the affordable wines. When I taste a $10 dollar wine from Markham, I still feel like I’m sipping something special. And so it is with Markham’s 2015 Sauvignon Blanc.

About the Wine: The unfortunate California drought situation along with those nasty forest fires really impacted Markham in 2015. Apparently these grapes budded early, and the vineyard workers really had to nurture the vines until the grapes were truly ready to pick.

Markham’s 2015 Sauvignon Blanc is made from 92% Sauvignon Blanc grapes and 8% Semillon grapes; it’s 100% berry pressed, 100% steel tank fermented, and aged for 2.5 months in aged neutral wood tanks; 13.8% ABV

Flavor Profile: The wine presents a very light yellow in the glass. Initial aromas are light — you really have to stick your nose in the glass, but the scents of citrus, orange blossoms, and light, grassy herbs are abundant. The taste is equally enjoyably subtle. I hate to say pineapple because it’s so stereotypical, but, yes, the initial taste on the tongue is a bit of pineapple. However, the softness of the Semillon definitely comes through, paving the way for softer fruits like peaches and mangoes. And there is a distinct hit of minerality right in the center of the palate that gives the wine and overall freshness. The last bit you’ll be hit with is the acid — not overly intrusive, but quite distinct, allowing for a pleasantly long finish.

Food Pairing: I’m going to be overly specific here. I think because of the distinct minerality and the acidic finish, you’re going to want to pair this with a salty seafood dish. I’m thinking a fresh prawn cocktail or a cured salmon — this wine will cut through that extra salt just perfectly while the fruit components will add relief. You’re going to want to pair that with something soft and fruit forward — a mild mango salsa with just underripe avocado (sans jalepeños because heat + acid = tongue on fire) — a soft fruit-based side will help exemplify the wine’s fruit components which are (to my personal enjoyment) quite subtle and underplayed when tasted on its own. Lastly, you’ll want some fresh herbs or an herb-based salad to bring out the herbaceous quality of the wine and round out the menu as a whole.

But that’s just me…

More Info: I purchased this wine at Safeway (Sale Price: $10 ). For more information about Markham and their available wines, please do visit their website. Personally, this is a winery I’d love to visit, do a full-on tasting, and just explore more — with their vast library of wines, there’s definitely going to be something for every palate. Cheers!

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