I’m surprised I haven’t written a post about Three Arches yet — they’re a small, local winery where I am actually a wine club member. I think the reason I haven’t mentioned them yet is because their wines pack such a punch, I find I really do have to wait and pair them with the perfect meal. This is mostly true of their reds, which includes everything from a classic Cali Cab to their signature Meritage red blend.

But every once in awhile, they release a white and — for me — this is a special treat because, unlike their super-bold, must-be-paired-with-food reds, their whites are friendly, versatile, easily enjoyed on their own or with a meal. And, somehow, they do all that while still packing that punch…

About the Wine: Three Arches is a small producer. They literally started in one of the owner/winemaker’s three car garage (hence the three arches). They acquire their grapes from various vineyards throughout California. So, for Three Arches, it’s not necessarily about “speaking of terroir” as much as it’s about the art of creating wines they can sip out on the porch or over dinner with friends — which they often do with their wine club members.

The Three Arches 2013 Pinot Gris is made from 100% Pinot Gris Grapes from Sonoma. 14.6% ABV

Flavor Profile: This wine presents a fun pale yellow in the glass — like the sun reflecting off of a glass of fresh water. The immediate aromas are quite fruit forward including scents of light stone fruits such as white nectarines and apricots, with just the slightest hint of citrus fruits in the background. On the palate, those fruits are there, yet not as dominant as the nose would imply. Instead, you get just a bit of funk along with those fruits — a kind of musky, earthiness that just adds personality to the wine. And then there’s a strong hit of acid that cuts through fruit and funk and leaves a tingle on the tongue for that long, lingering spice-filled finish.

Food Pairing: Serve this wine chilled, lest you lose the fun funkiness and that acidic kick. You could easily enjoy this wine on its own or with a light appetizer like crab salad with avocado, or even sashimi with a bit of wasabi (if you don’t mind the extra heat!). For mains, I would recommend white fish, but a hearty, meaty white fish like halibut or even cod — it’ll stand up nicely against overall lightness of the wine. Pair it with something creamy yet refreshing — coconut rice, an avocado dressing, and a simple garnish of fresh fruits and cilantro (think about those nectarine and apricot flavors) would be perfect.

More Info:  I’m a member of their wine club so received a discount on this wine (Regular Price: $14). For more information about Three Arches, you must visit their website. I know I’ll be writing more about their wines — my cellar is half full of them. But what I’d love is to do a feature about their story and their wines. You guys interested? Cheers!

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