An alphabetic list of wine-related blogs that I currently follow. Shoot me a note if you have suggestions or want your blog included.

A Balanced Glass

We believe that every professional who works with, or around alcohol, deserves to have the knowledge, tools and resources to manage their personal wellness for long-term career success.

We believe that every professional who works with, or around alcohol, deserves to have the knowledge, tools and resources to manage their personal wellness for long-term career success.

A Must Read Blog

A certified sommelier (CMS) with a penchant for wine travel and unearthing the story behind the grape…..

A certified sommelier (CMS) with a penchant for wine travel and unearthing the story behind the grape…..

A blog for curious wine enthusiasts by Jessica Vargas

Larry Brooks is known as a winemaker’s winemaker based on nearly four decades of hands on practice.

This site (Australian Wine Review or ozwinereview for short) is dedicated to talking about wine, beer and other good things. Largely focused on Australian wine, but with a healthy dose of tasty vino from NZ, France, Italy, Spain… oh hell, if it’s good, I’m in.


Living in the Okanagan Valley, close to so many first-class wineries and enthusiastic winemakers.

BKWine Magazine is our editorial site with articles, photos and videos on wine, food and travel.

An editorial voice, an informative, outspoken and sometimes fun point of view of the [booze] business.

Providing assistance to beverage alcohol companies need to achieve their market objectives. Whether through our industry-leading research reports or our diverse advisory services, we have the tools and skills necessary to solve the problems in this dynamic category.

No wine snobs allowed. Learning about wine has been wonderful, but experiencing wine is the fun part—whether just starting to learn about wines or certified expert.

Dame Wine

A WSET Diploma graduate, Freelance Wine Writer, Forbes Contributor and the Wine Columnist for La VOCE di New York.

Deborah Parker Wong

An opinion-leading communicator, journalist and author who specializes in the wine and spirits industries.


Exploring the intersection of food and wine, hopefully highlighted with beautiful photos of wines, meals, and places.

Grape Collective

The process of choosing wine can be frustrating. The multitude of options can turn a simple decision into rush of anxiety. But it can also be joyful, serendipitous and charged with the thrill of discovering something new and interesting.

Forget wine tasting pretention and rules; this site is all about what makes our fine country the most exciting upcoming wine region in the world.


GuildSomm is a nonprofit international membership organization for sommeliers and wine professionals that promotes education, collaboration, and healthy debate while maintaining the key values of the sommelier profession: integrity, humility, and hospitality.

Elaine Chukan Brown serves as the American Specialist at, a contributing writer with Wine & Spirits Magazineand a speaker at events worldwide. Blessed with travel, and a wealth of in-depth time with vintners from around the world, she uses to share more of the story.

Institute of Masters of Wine

Becoming an MW means gaining entry into a unique wine community; one that brings enriching personal and professional opportunities – as well as lifelong friendships.

I believe that today’s wine drinker deserves more than just written reviews and criticism. They need to see with their own eyes the place, the people, and the rating process. Truly, there’s so much more to learn about wine than just simple numbers and prose.

Founder-editor of The Oxford Companion to Wine, co-author with Hugh Johnson of  The World Atlas of Wine (4.7 million copies sold just before the 8th edition was published in October 2019) and co-author of Wine Grapes, each of these books recognised as a standard reference worldwide.

John Schreiner on wine

 Canada’s most prolific writer of books on wine, including multiple editions of The Wineries of British Columba, British Columbia Wine Country and John Schreiner’s Okanagan Wine Tour Guide.

“Juicy Tales by Jo Diaz”

 Owner and founder of Diaz Communications, founder and executive director of PS I Love You (Petite Sirah advocacy group), founder of the Association of African American Vintners and founder of Oregon Pinot Gris marketing group.

The writer, occasional speaker, accidental activist and big-time optmist has works featured in 585 Magazine, Edible Finger Lakes, CITY Newspaper, Finger Lakes Wine Country and the New York Wine & Grape Foundation. She also writes a column for regional newspapers The Observer and The Review & Express.

This blog began as a record of taking the WSET Diploma, during which I studied and explored wines and spirits made all around the world. Having passed the Diploma and become a WSET Certified Educator, the blog has become much more.

POURING POINTS: Articles, profiles, roundups and more from the Napa Valley Wine Academy

Learning should not stop once you leave the classroom! We have assembled a team of wine experts, geeks, enthusiasts, and professionals who delight in sharing their knowledge and passion on the subject of wine, spirits, and sake to bring you new, relevant, and exciting content including articles, podcasts, and videos.


 With groundbreaking technology, provide data and insights into the complex and changing marketplace that manufacturers and retailers need to innovate and grow their businesses.

New York Times

The New York Time’s wine critic.

A boutique firm specializing in marketing and event planning for the wine and spirits industry.

A born storyteller, passionate about helping brands tell their story through social media and digital media.

A science communication project to alert for the importance of science communication in vine and wine research areas. 

Accelerating wineries’ ability to navigate complex state-by-state regulations, bring new products to market and ship to customers with confidence in compliance.

A geek who drinks and occasionally writes about what I’m drinking and geeking over.

The Tablas Creek blog provides thoughts, reports, photographs and the occasional video from Tablas Creek Vineyard, in Paso Robles, California.  It is maintained by Jason Haas, Partner and General Manager at Tablas Creek, and contributors.

Terroir Review aims to tackle food’s most important questions, to stimulate both appetite and mind.

A corporate tax lawyer, a Certified Specialist of Wine and WSET Level 3 Merit Award holder whose wine journey began with some really large boxes of pink wine. We all have to start somewhere.

The Feiring Line, the world’s first independent natural wine newsletter was launched in the fury of Hurricane Sandy, Halloween 2013.nSince then, it has converted from a series of individual PDF downloads to an ever-growing, fully searchable database packed with the best people, vineyards and bottles the natural wine world has to offer.

The Cork Report examines North American wine country with open minds and intrepid palates, investigating and celebrating the special people and places that make for delicious and distinctive wines.

Best Online Wine Columnist in the World! 2013 Roederer Award

The Vinophile

A modern day blog about the art of wine tasting and education.

Analyzing and interpreting today’s global wine markets.

An award-winning wine writer and Master of Wine, with over 30 years’ experience and a strong international following.

Tim Gaiser is an internationally renowned wine expert and lecturer. He is one of 262 individuals worldwide to ever attain the elite Master Sommelier wine title and is the former Director of Education and Education chair for the Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas.  He is also a former adjunct professor for the Rudd Center for Professional Wine Studies at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in Napa Valley.

TRINK is the first and only English-language digital publication dedicated to the “German-speaking wines” of Austria, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. On-the-ground reporting from world-class authors and journalists, narrative essays, interviews, bottle picks and food pairings, and outstanding photography get to the heart of these “umlaut wines.”

Vinography is a personal project for founder and editor Alder Yarrow. The site is now a respected source for non-mainstream wine writing, and one of the most influential wine blogs on the Internet.

On a mission to get wineries on social media and a bottle of wine on every dinner table.

At the intersection of media and technology, Vinous is a modern-day wine publication. Vinous’s team of renowned critics and writers offers in depth coverage of new releases, retrospectives and verticals of older wines, videos with winemakers, interactive maps, restaurant recommendations and more, all published in a continual, daily stream of articles. is created with the goal to become the most authoritative and trustworthy news website on Asia and China’s wine market. It is the only English news media created to cover the wine market in China and the rest of Asia.

The blog of wine journalist Jamie Goode.

News from the South African winelands

Wine Camp by Craig Camp

Biodynamic and regenerative agriculture at Troon Vineyard in Oregon’s Applegate Valley

A content site devoted to wine knowledge and appreciation with a mission is to allow people to gain a deeper understanding of wine through learning.

Delving into the world of wine data, instead of wine itself.

Don’t expect crop reports, vintage assessments, or grape pest advisories. WineSpeed’s content is curated to be curiously interesting to anyone who likes drinking and eating. In fact, though it takes just seconds to read WineSpeed

I started WINO NOIRE to chronicle my experience as a budding wine professional and have since built a community that shares a love of wine, travel + lifestyle. Despite earning a level 3 certification from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), it’s the down-to-earth approach to wine and transparency with my audience that has made me a trusted name in the social space.

New content on topics of interest and industry careers alongside inspiring stories from our students, graduates and educators.

Curators, writers, and event producers helping people discover the joy of wine. Serious about the subject of wine, but believe in fun over formality. This is a place to share anything to do with wine.