As a WSET Diploma candidate, I am chronicling what I learn: posting my own notes, studying guides, and practice questions. Per the Wine & Spirits Education Trust guidelines, I cannot and will not share any content from previous exam papers or reproduce them in anyway. This includes making copies, taking photos, as well as discussing exam content.


While my posts, study guides, and practice exams are all based on WSET topics, please know these are re-written in my own words to help me—and hopefully you—better understand the subject matter. I also often utilize resources (and will cite those sources within the posts) outside of the WSET to help me (and, again, you) understand the subject from different angles. I hope my writing is helpful for all interested in the content of the posts, whether student or not. Please know the educational posts are in no way intended as official WSET study materials.

I highly recommend those interested in pursuing the WSET program to seek out a good WSET APP. I, myself, studied through the Napa Valley Wine Academy in Napa, California and now teach lower level WSET classes at NVWA as well as the Odyssey Wine Academy in Healdsburg, California. I am happy to answer any questions about my WSET studies, my experience with the NVWA and Odyssey, provide links to resources or help you make direct contact with official instructors. Contact Me.

Now if you understand the rules of the game, here are quick links to educational posts on my site.

Wine 101: Will take you to everything with educational content.

General Knowledge: Wine basics. Most topics based on WSET Level 3

Viticulture & Winemaking: Topics based on D1

Wine Biz: Topics based on D2

Wine World: Topics based on D3