Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG, where Nino Franco sources all of their Glera grapes, is known for its steep hillside vineyards. And this small, focused area has a reputation for producing some of the most refined Proseccos available. While vintage Champagne is something that’s most commonly created once every few years, Nino Franco is able to produce a single-vineyard vintage Prosecco harvested from the same parcel of land each year.

About the Wine: To learn more about the Franco family’s winemaking history, please read the review of Nino Franco Rustico Prosecco.

The Nino Franco Primo Franco Prosecco 2016 is made from 100% Glera grapes harvested from one of the highest elevations of Italy’s Valdobbiadene production area. The grapes were de-stemmed, lightly pressed, and went through a cool primary maceration in steel tanks before going through secondary fermentation in closed top steel tanks —methode charmat. (Read more about methode charmat in Piecing together Prosecco.) The wine aged in bottle for 30 days prior to release.

10.5% ABV

Flavor Profile: Of all the Nino Franco Prosecco I’ve had thus far, this one is by far the most pale of all. The aromas are, indeed, quite light as well with just subtle hints of citrus fruits and white flowers. The palate, however, is quite fruit forward with flavors of kiwi, mango, red apple. The palate has a smooth, almost round texture to it that layers in the depths behind the obvious fizz of the sparkling wine.

The perceived sweetness (Note: this is a brut style Prosecco), may a little high for some palates, but the multiple layers of complexity in the Nino Franco Primo Franco Prosecco 2016 are worth it.

More Info: More Info: I received the NNino Franco Primo Franco Prosecco as a sample for review in conjunction with the #WineStudio Twitter chat. (Cheers Tina and). Retail: $29. For more information about Nino Franco, their Proseccos, and to order their Prosecco directly, please visit the Nino Franco website.

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