What makes this Prosecco so special? The grapes for this brut Prosecco come from a specific vineyard along the slopes of the Pealps where old vine Glera grapes grow and thrive amongst a unique mircro-climate. Just like any other wine grape, the age of the vines — as well as the terroir — give resulting wines, whether still or sparkling, a certain aroma, flavor profile, and texture…

About the Wine: To learn more about the Franco family’s winemaking history, please read the review of Nino Franco Rustico Prosecco.

The Nino Franco Grave di Stecca Prosecco 2010 is made from 100% Glera grapes harvested the Grave di Stecca vineyard located along the slopes of the Prealpi. According to the winery, it’s the vineyard south-facing slopes that are partially screened by a large park that give the area its unique mircro-climate.

Grapes for this sparkling wine were de-stemmed, lightly pressed, and went through a cool primary maceration in steel tanks before going through secondary fermentation in closed top steel tanks —methode charmat. (Read more about methode charmat in Piecing together Prosecco.)

12% ABV

Flavor Profile: On the pour and in the glass the Nino Franco Grave di Stecca Prosecco 2010 is an almost florescent shade of yellow. Aromas are quite intense with notes of sage, peach, mango, and a wet beach-like stoney minerality. The palate is quite dry, yet undoubtedly rich. Those fruits sensed on the nose are found in the flavor profile, but are so subtle, making the experience mostly textural. Indeed, there’s a satin-silky creaminess that brushes through the entirety of the tasting and lingers on the tongue — unlike any other wine I’ve experienced, still or sparkling.

More Info: I received the Nino Franco Grave di Stecca Prosecco as a sample for review in conjunction with the #WineStudio Twitter chat. (Cheers Tina!). Retail: $49. For more information about Nino Franco, their Proseccos, and to order their Prosecco directly, please visit the Nino Franco website.

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