Still new to Prosecco, especially Prosecco with as high-quality standards as Nino Franco, I was delighted to take part in a #WineStudio chat with an up-close look at various expressions of the Glera grape from a family-run winery from Valdobbiadene — one of the oldest wine-producing families in the area. Though the business is now in the hands of the third generation, there’s still an old-world style and certainly an old-world respect for the traditional Prosecco-making tradition.

About the Wine: To learn more about the Franco family’s winemaking history, please read the review of Nino Franco Rustico Prosecco.

The Nino Franco Brut Prosecco is made from 100% Glera grapes harvested from the higher elevations of Italy’s Valdobbiadene production area. The grapes were de-stemmed, lightly pressed, and went through a cool primary maceration in steel tanks before going through secondary fermentation in closed top steel tanks —methode charmat. (Read more about methode charmat in Piecing together Prosecco.)

11% ABV

Flavor Profile: The Nino Franco Brut Prosecco is quite a luminescent, though pale, yellow. In the glass there are immediate aromas of crisp apples, light honey notes, lychee, and an almost nutty-pollen-like scent lingering in the background. The palate is absolutely dry with a strong, crisp acidity that rides through from start to finish. Yet, there’s a certain voluptuous undertone of pomme fruits that lends itself nicely as a backbone of structure to this light-bodied sparkling wine. And while I enjoyed my glass of Nino Franco Brut Prosecco on its own, I would certainly purchase this wine again and pair it with spicy Asian cuisine.

More Info: I received the Nino Franco Brut Prosecco as a sample for review in conjunction with the #WineStudio Twitter chat. (Cheers Tina). Retail: $27. For more information about Nino Franco, their Proseccos, and to order their Prosecco directly, please visit the Nino Franco website.

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