I came across Kendric Vineyards during the 2016 Pinot Days in San Francisco. I had never heard of this small, independent vineyard before, but I’m certainly glad I have. A hidden gem amongst the industrialized Treasure Island in San Francisco, Kendric Vineyards produces amazing Pinot Noirs great for Daily Drinking or Special Occasion Sips.

About the Wine: Stewart Johnson, owner and winemaker of Kendric Vineyards, maintains his private vineyard in the cool climate of Marin County. Traditionally, Pinots grown in this region tend to be lighter in body and higher in acidity — and that is certainly true of this vintage. Because of the ideal climate during the 2013 harvest, the grapes were able to stay on the vine a bit longer, plumping to perfection.


Flavor Profile: In the glass this wine radiates a translucent ruby-red color. The nose is quite subtle, emitting subtle hints of floral aromas alongside those of ripe red fruits. It’s on the palate that this wine truly comes together. The oak-barrel aging adds a depth to the wine; the essence of a damp dark forest sets the background of the drink from start to finish. Black cherries and cherry blossoms bloom side-by-side, opening up the scenery, opening up your senses. The tannins are medium, just enough to provide a solid path to walk along in this enchanted forest. The acidity is medium to low, acting as a guiding light, illuminating and uplifting each other element.

Overall, this is a well-balanced Pinot Noir typical of its style. It’s certainly drinkable now, but has the potential to age beautifully.

Food Pairing: This is a well-rounded wine that can easily accompany a variety of dishes. Because it’s still in its youth, you’ll want to pair it with something that will compliment the brightness of the fruit. Choose earthy flavours like gamey meets and root vegetables to parallel the “forest-like” feature in the background of the wine, and let the acidity and ripe fruits break through and stand on their own.

More Info: Read my full Kendric Vineyard Winery experience. For more information about Kendric Vineyard, to purchase current releases, and join their mailing list, visit their website.

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