Feeling fancy and feeling French? Let’s face it, most good quality Bordeaux’s and Burgundy’s are hard to find when you have a certain…price…limitation…

Enter Château Loudenne Rouge 2011 — an unpretentious Bordeaux that’s versatile enough for every palate and every meal.


About the Wine: I want to share something I actually learned from my favorite manga series The Drops of God. Like many people may know, Médoc is the main wine-growing region of France. In 1855 Emperor Napolean III requested a classification system for all of France’s Bordeax wines — they were to be ranked from First Growths (Premier Crus) to Fifth Growths. Eventually the title Cru Bourgeois was introduced to include châteaux’s of significant quality, but leveling below the premier classifications. Today, however, this label is applied to the wine (not the châteaux) and is a mark of the wine’s overall quality. Although it is maintained that Cru Bourgeois wines are more consumer approachable.

In The Drops of God, the characters actually use this information to find quality French wines at affordable prices. And in real life, so did I.

Flavor Profile: In the glass, with it’s deep ruby appearance, it emits a subtle nose consisting of ripe blackberries and blueberries along with an earthy aroma as well.The flavor of this wine is everything we love about Bordeax’s. On the palate, it opens with a sense of freedom, a breath of fresh air — like anything can happen. Then very subtle hints of fruit mingle with oak and vanilla. I would say the tannins in this wine are quite mild — there’s enough there to linger on the tongue, yet the overall mouthfeel is quite silky from start to finish.

Food Pairing: This is such a well-rounded wine that it could easily be enjoyed on its own. If looking for a food pairing, I think a good hearty meat dish (filet mignon, crispy skin duck) would help elevate the flavors in this wine.

More Info: For more information about Château Loudenne and their wines, visit their website, Personally, I purchased this wine from Safeway (Sale Price: $14.99).

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