Flora Springs winery was established by John and Carrie Komes and Julie and Pat Garvey in 1977. But, as anyone at the winery will tell you, the property as a vineyard has history dating back to the early 1800s when Napa was just forming its roots as a California wine region. So the families already had a jump start on success by purchasing fertile land perfect for crafting what they’d soon be known for — Bordeaux blends. 1984 marks the first vintage of Flora Spring’s now infamous flagship blend, Trilogy — originally a traditional Bordeaux-inspired red wine consisting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc, but today taking on a more modern, California approach blending together up to 5 Bordeaux varietals (including the addition of Malbec and/or Petite Verdot in certain vintages). The 2014 vintage marks the 30th anniversary for the flagship blend and it just so happens to coincide with the winery’s 40th anniversary. Quite a celebration! Unfortunately i was unable to attend the combined release-anniversary party thrown at Flora Springs earlier this month, but the kind folks from the winery were kind enough to send me a bottle of their celebratory wine.

About the Wine: Flora Springs 2014 Trilogy Red Blend consists of 86% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Malbec, and 6% Petite Verdot, all harvested from Flora Springs’ sustainable estate vineyards.

Each varietal was picked, soaked, and primarily fermented individually, with the final blend spending 22 months in barrel (85% French oak, 15% American oak) before bottling.

14.2% ABV

Flavor Profile: The 2014 Flora Springs Trilogy has a deep, royal purple color with hints of a midnight blue hue. The initial aromas are just as dense as the visual, reminiscent of thick blackberry preserves and even dark chocolate fudge. Swirl and sniff again, and you’ll get some of the delicate (though still dessert-y) scents including hints of vanilla, licorice, maybe even roasted coffee.

On the palate, this wine is simultaneously juicy and dry. When you first take a sip, you’ll be enveloped in that jammy-ness sensed on the nose, but as you go along you’ll realize that the fruits are walking parallel to the plush tannins in the wine. As the tasting comes to and end, as the fruit and tannins complete their journey, they join hands. After you swallow, keep your lips tight and exhale through your nose to enjoy this aftertaste. The final conjunction culminates in a beautifully soft finish with aromas of a cedar-y, musk-y cologne.

Food Pairing: I hate to sound like a traditionalist, but the Flora Springs Trilogy is a Napa Cab-based wine and there’s no denying that it paired just beautifully with steak cooked med-rare. Definitely enjoy that steak alongside some creamy mashed potatoes (which complement those plush tannins just perfectly) and an herb-based salad tossed with blue cheese (which somehow further enhanced those fruit notes as well as brought forth some bushy-earth qualities).

More Info: I received the 2014 Flora Springs Trilogy as a gift for review. (Cheers Mora!) I have to admit, this blend has piqued my interest about the winery, and I’m eager to try their single-varietal Cabernet Sauvignon and truly experience the backbone of their blends. (Although, I’m a sucker for single-varietal Petite Verdot which they also produce. Decisions, decisions…)

Of course for more information about Flora Springs and their wines, please visit the Flora Springs website.

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  1. The work is done by John and Carrie Komes and Julie and Pat Garvey in making wine popular are the best that I have seen till now. Their efforts in the industry should be commended.

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