A big bold red blend crafted with elegance and finesse. That’s the 2014 Leverage Trajectory GSM Red Blend. Yes, it packs a lot of flavor, and those flavors are so well-balanced, even the timid sipper will find enjoyment in this blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mouvédre.

Trajectory is the flagship wine of Leverage Wines — a boutique, artisan winery from the heart of Paso Robles. No you won’t find this wine, or any Leverage wine, in stores or restaurants, but I tell you as a regular consumer of those readily available Safeway, BevMo, Coscto, TJ, WF wines…this is a boutique winery worth seeking out. And this Trajectory GSM red blend is a peak example of what these boys can do.

2014 Leverage Trajectory Red Blend

About the Wine: 2014 Leverage Trajectory is made up of 41% Grenache Noir, 32% Syrah, 27% Mouvédre — all of which were harvested in West Side Paso Robles, Adelaida District, and Willow Creek AVAs. 80% of the fruit is destemmed with 20% remaining whole clustered and added during fermentation. Each varietal making up this wine was aged separately in young French oak before blending. The combination was then barrel aged for 18 months.

ABV 15.5%

Flavor Profile: The first thing I always notice is a wine’s color, and what a beautiful color this was: a deep, sexy burgundy. And you can’t help but inhale the aromas as you observe — they’re that exuberant. Brighter berries — raspberries, red cherries, maybe even a hint of overripe strawberries — mix and melt together with darker components — damp forest floor, tree bark, and peppery herbs. Excited by those senses, you’ll want to take a sip straight-away, but take a moment. Swirl the wine in your glass, give it some air, enjoy those aromas, take it…slow.

Now sip, and savor, how all of those aromas you found on the nose now settle on to your tongue in one fluid burst of flavors. There’s enough acidity in the wine to keep those berries bright (that would be the fruit-filled Grenache); there’s that deep dark soil of the forest floor to keep things cool, calm, and moist (that would be the Mouvêdre); there’s that somewhat pepper herbaceousness that keeps the scenery alive with greenery (hello Syrah); and then there’s the tannins. There’s no denying the tannins of this wine, but they are just as much a part of the play as every other component . What I mean is, they make sense in the context of the wine: they don’t pop up at the last second, they don’t linger on a dry tongue post-sip — no, they add a balance and structure to the wine from the first sip to the swallow.

The finish is neither short nor long. It’s simply satisfying. And you’ll reach for another sip, another glass, another pour just so you can pick apart these flavors, dive deep into the wine, and really experience it for what it is. And what it is is the best sum of all the GSM parts.

Food Pairing: You know those wines you save until you have the perfect meal in mind? You want the flavors of the wine to be enhanced with every sip or bite you take, right? Well this is that wine. I kept it in my cellar until I knew I had something that could not only compliment the flavors but stand up to the boldness I knew this Rhone-style GSM would have.

I highly recommend pairing this wine with red meat. My go-to will always be a fillet mignon for it’s simultaneous leanness and juiciness. But I started my description of this wine as sexy, so make sure your steak is swimming in a succulent red wine reduction or beurre rouge. Sides? It depends on what components of the wine you want to highlight. Pull out that Syrah with some wilted greens (I opted for wilted fresh kale); enhance that earthy Mouvêdre with a mushroom medley.

Whatever you enjoy this with, make sure you enjoy it with someone. This wine is best served over candlelight with your partner in wine crime.

More Info: It’s no secret Leverage is one of (if not my absolute) favorite boutique winery I’ve discovered thus far. I met Jason Di Fracesco at this year’s Rhone Ranger Seminar and Grande Tasting in SF (sorry I missed you guys in LA). They were kind enough, not only to give me a full lineup of wines at that event, but also sent me two of their best red blends (please read my review on their lighter red blend, Acceleration).

Like I said, you cannot find these wines in stores or restaurants, so I highly encourage you to visit the Leverage website and purchase a bottle (or two) to enjoy for yourself. And, since they don’t have an official tasting room (yet!), it’s well worth-it to become a member where you’ll get 20% off all wines.

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