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Clos Pegase 2016 Mitsuko’s Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc

I was so excited when I opened my delivery from Clos Pegase and saw this single vineyard estate Sauvignon Blanc. I’ve recently gained more appreciation for the poor stereotyped grape, often overlooked as “that tropical, fruity” varietal. But remember the wine will only be as good as what the land can provide, and it is up to the winemaker to showcase the beauty of that fruit. Clos Pegase 2016 Mitsuko’s Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc is a true testament to what good grapes in the right hands can do.


Hall Wines 2015 Sauvignon Blanc

The weather is getting warmer, meals getting lighter, and it’s time to start talking abundantly about white wines again. Remember my story from yesterday about how I found a secret little wine shop disguised as a liquor store? Well, I went back. How could I not? Traveling, often solo, that aisle dedicated to the art of the half-bottle is like a treasure trove. And it was here that I found Hall Wines 2015 Sauvignon Blanc — a perfect spring time wine. (It even has a bunny on the label…)


Rutherford Ranch 2016 Sauvignon Blanc

I’m not a huge lover of Sauvignon Blanc. Except when I’m craving it. Then I have to have it. It’s big flamboyant floral aromas and fruity flavors that borderline stink of pineapple. Like a gore-y movie that keeps you squinting and squirming through the whole flick and makes you wonder “Dear God, why, am I watching this???” Because sometimes you just want to watch something awful. And sometimes you really want to drink something stinky. It’s just a fact of human nature. And so, if/when you find yourself craving that stereotypical Sauvignon Blanc stink, I do believe that Rutherford Ranch has found a way to present that in a most palatable way.


Grgich Hills Estate Napa Valley Fumé Blanc 2014

This is my first experience with Grgich Hills Estate wine. It’s a winery I’ve always been, for lack of a better word, a bit intimidated to try. It has all this hype and rep around it — such an elevated heir. I really didn’t think I was cool enough to drink something from Grgich. But sometimes, just like on the playground, you have to rustle up some self-confidence and just jump into a game with the cool kids. So grab a glass and jump in with me, you’ll be so glad you did.