Ever since my first taste of Tannat, I’ve been hooked. Whether from California, Oregon, or it’s modern official homeland, Uruguay. And my experience with Y. Rousseau’s rosé of Tannat was exquisite. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw pretty pink wine in my Stinson Vineyards package.

Want to learn more about the Tannat grape? Let’s Talk (and taste) Tannat!

About the Wine: The Stinson Vineyards 2017 Rosé of Tannat is made from 100% Tannat grapes harvested from the Stinson estate vineyards located in White Hall, Virginia — Monticello AVA designated. According to the winery, the vines grow atop Braddock soil, a red clay loam made from the neighboring Blue Bridge Mountains.

The grapes were pressed immediately off the skins to ferment and age sur lie in 100% stainless steel.

12.9% ABV

Flavor Profile: Pop the cork of the Stinson Vineyards 2017 Rosé of Tannat and, well, to be honest, not all that much emanates from that bottle. Put your nose directly to the opening and you’ll smell something kinda funky. So don’t bother and move on. The look of this rosé Tannat is the very definition of baby pink on the pour. In the glass, it’s quite jewel-like — predominantly pink with a hint of purple, but still quite faint when you tilt and inspect.

Initial aromas are of tart strawberries, funky fertilized green grass, and dead roses. Swirl and reveal that the potpourri also includes violets and lavender. Indeed, it is a graveyard of flowers.

The palate of the Stinson Vineyards 2017 Rosé of Tannat is absolutely smooth. There’s just a slight texture at the front edge of the tongue and, if you’re paying attention, there’s a subtle textural line that rides as a backbone as well. This is less prominent when cooled to a refrigerated temperature (around 55°F), but more so when brought up to a more traditional white wine temperature (60 to 66°F). So users choice on how you want to experience the textural component to this wine.

Dominant flavors are of straw berry, pomegranate, lime zest, that potpourri, and some kind of very light, perfume-like cologne (if that makes sense — leave a comment if it does!).

Food Pairing: The thing is, overall, there was no trace of the Tannat grape in this rosé. So, the lack of depth and complexity actually turned off my partner in wine crime. So, we did not pair this with our meal this evening. But…but!!!…I did enjoy this wine as an aperitif to my meal. Much like the Stinson Vineyards rosé of Mourvèdre, it’s a light and easy drinker that you could pair with pretty much whatever you want without thinking too hard, or enjoy on its own, again, without thinking too hard.

So cheers to fun drinks, right?

More Info: I received the Stinson Vineyards 2017 Rosé of Tannat as a sample for review. (Cheers Sam!) Retail: $20.99 For more information about Stinson Vineyards, their wine, and to purchase wine directly, please visit the Stinson Vineyards website.

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