Flavor Profile: Hello spring flowers at the farmers market! It’s that aroma that envelops you as you walk by the florist’s stall on a warm spring morning; it’s that aroma that envelops you as you breathe in this rosé. Swirl to release appetizing scents of red fruits as well: red raspberry, pomegranate, wild strawberry. Lift the nose just above the glass to find some savory notes as well — perhaps some kind of dried herb. The palate is soft, light, delicate, with a lovely acidity that elevates the freshness of the fruits, the vivacity of those florals. Dominant flavors are of raspberries, wild strawberries, lemon curd, potpourri, herbs de Provence (there’s that dried herb). Let the wine linger in your mouth, lips closed, exhale through the nose and find yet a tertiary aroma and flavor—the subtle, but unctuous, umami element of perfectly poached salmon.

Food Pairing: I enjoyed Passaggio Wines 2018 Aglianico Rosé slowly through the course of a week. It went well with my vegan spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, and even a chicken-and-veg situation. Love that it’s so subtle with its fruit flavors and delicate with its acidity that it can pair with such a wide range of foods.

More Info: I received this bottle as a gift. (Cheers, Cindy!) As of this writing, this is one of the most recent release for Passaggio Wines and the bottle has not yet been priced to sell. (Release Date: May 18, 2019) For more information about Cindy, her wines, and to purchase wine directly (and stalk for the latest releases) please visit the Passaggio Wines website.

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