This was literally a case of, “Do you want a red or white wine with dinner tonight?” The fact of the matter was the meal could have easily paired with either. So, I thought, heck, why not try this (for me) experimental blend I just received in my latest allocation of Panther Creek new releases. It’s a cool concept: Take off the skins of the red wine grape and ferment it like a white and then, blend it with another white. No reason it shouldn’t work…

About the Wine: Panther Creek Cellars 2019 Pinot Noir-Chardonnay Blend

70% Pinot Noir; 30% Chardonnay

100% Stainless steel fermented and aged

13.5% ABV

485 cases produced

Flavor Profile:

Appearance: The white wine blend is a pale lemon color

Aroma: Initial aromas are youthful, with medium (+) intensity. Aromas include peach, apricot, nectarine, blossom, yellow apple, grass, wet stone, coriander, and sage.

Palate: The palate is dry with high acidity, medium (-) body (i.e., it is light in body, with a round mouthfeel that gives it just a touch of voluptuousness on the palate). It has a medium level of alcohol and a medium (+) flavor intensity. Flavors are similar to those aromas listed above, with the blossom becoming more specifically chamomile, the yellow apple tasting more like a green apple, and with the addition of a hint of agave nectar as well.

The finish is medium (+) in length.

Conclusion: Based on the WSET criteria, I conclude that this is a good wine—a great balance and intensity of flavors and aromas, if just lacking slightly on the finish. Definitely drink this wine now or within the next year; not recommended for extended aging.

Food Pairing: I paired the Panther Creek Cellars white blend with a roasted cornish game hen served with an apple-fennel slaw and roasted butternut squash purée. This was an ideal pairing and I feel like the food elevated the wine even more. The soft texture and depth of flavor in the butternut squash purée further enhanced the roundness of the wine’s mouthfeel as well as pulled out more of the floral/earthy notes in the aromas and flavors. The hen, which incorporated fresh and dried herbs on the skin, contrasted nicely with the stone and pomme fruit notes, while the slaw complemented those same aromas and flavors.

More Info: I received the Panther Creek Cellars 2019 Pinot Noir-Chardonnay Blend as a sample for review (Cheers!). Suggested Retail: $30. For more information about Panther Creek, their wine, and to purchase wine directly, please visit the Panther Creek Cellars website.

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