Can you say “impulse buy?” It was my birthday, I was stocking up on wine at (three guesses) Safeway, and my favorite color is pink. So — why wouldn’t I pick up a bottle of wine mysteriously labeled “Notorious Pink”?

Ok, let’s get something clear. My favorite color is pink, and I do like a good rosé, and I might be a bit of a girly girl (sometimes), but I do not like girly-sweet wine. So, being the somewhat knowledgeable wine drinker that I am, I did read where this was (France) from and what it was made from (Grenache), and noted that the color wasn’t cotton candy pink (side note: I do not like cotton candy). So, I used my deductive reasoning that aside from the cutesy name — this is a real wine a real wine lover can enjoy. (BTW I was right…)

About the Wine: Given a name like “Notorious Pink,” you think they’d have some elaborate story on the back label or on the website. To the contrary, this wine is all business.

Notorious Pink comes to us from the Pugibet family who have been a family of winemakers since 1890. This off-pink rosé is made from 100% Grenache from the South of France from Domaine la Colombette. The winemakers have used a combination of mature and ripe fruit to balance acidity and sweetness. Those from older vines are bled, while grapes from younger vines are gently pressed. After the juice has settled, the wine is cold fermented.

11.5% ABVNotorious Pink in glass

Flavor Profile: Despite the name, this wine is actually and off-pink color. I would say bordering on the edge of peach and pink (maybe a light

salmon?). Initial aromas are quite faint, but include peaches, white blossoms, fresh grass, and just a hint of citrus zest. On the palate, the wine is also quite subtle but brings forth more fruit flavors than the nose, including strawberries, raspberries, maybe a hint of passion fruit. There’s a good amount of acid — I’d say medium to high — that gently follows those initial fruit flavors giving way to a pleasant dose of minerality
and a sparkly, glittery finish.

strawberry saladFood Pairing:
 Subtlety is really the theme of Notorious Pink — in color, aroma, and flavors. As such, this wine is probably the most versatile of the wines I’ve profiled thus far. Then again, to enjoy its subtlety, I must recommend having this wine on its own as an aperitif — at least the first time you try it, so you can pick up on all those delicate notes.
When choosing a food pairing, go simple so as not to overwhelm the wine. My personal recommendation is a light strawberry salad topped with feta cheese. The strawberries will enhance those fruit aromas and flavors, while the feta will help cut through those same elements. Choose a softer protein — seafood would work perfectly here. And definitely don’t overdress your salad, as the vinaigrette would make the wine appear too acidic or spicy (and most creamy dressings just won’t match).

More Info: If you like subtle rosés, check out a few of my other rosé selections. I purchased Notorious Pink at Safeway (Sale Price: $14.50). For more information about this wine, please visit the Notorious Pink website.

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  1. Pardon me, but it would be helpful if you told us whether the wine is dry. I can’t seem to find reviews commenting on it’s level of sweetness or dryness. That’s a deciding factor for me.

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