If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m a fan of Nagy Wines. She packs a respectable amount of depth and complexity into varietals I thought I knew so well. And yet, for all of the intricacy, each wine maintains a well-rounded refinement, simply celebrating the fruit and opening its ability to pair with a variety of cuisine.

Well, Nagy Wines 2013 Pinot Blanc has a slightly different approach. A well-rounded celebration of the fruit is is. Deep and complex, it is not. Not every wine has to have layers and layers of diverse tastes and textures to be “good.” Sometimes it’s about a few good flavors, a consistent texture — sometimes it’s just about drinking wine for fun. Well winemaker Clarissa Nagy has crafted a wine that says, sometimes, girls really do just want to have fun. So let’s have some fun!

About the Wine: Nagy Wines 2013 Pinot Blanc is made from 100% Pinot Blanc grapes harvested from the Bein Nacido Vineyard in Santa Maria Valley, a cooler temperature area perfect for growing funky, fickle little grapes like Pinot Blanc.

The grapes were whole cluster pressed, with the juice settling overnight before being racked to barrel. The wine was aged in neutral French oak for 10 months.

14.2% ABV

Flavor Profile: Nagy Wines 2013 Pinot Blanc is a super light pale yellow in the glass emitting aromas of damp green grass after a hardy rainfall. Take a lung-filled inhale and take in all that natural acidity known to the Pinot Blanc grape.

If you enjoy a smoother mouthfeel, serve the wine at a traditional white wine temperature (about 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit). The initial palate will be soft in texture with aromas of baked yellow apple, baby-pink petals, with a background essence of earthly, woodiness. The bubbly minerality will come forward late in the mid-palate, leading to a clean, bright, and enlivening finish filled.

If you’re looking for a more tongue-tingling texture (or maybe you’re enjoying this wine during summer) serve the wine a few degrees below the norm and that bright acidity and bubbly minerality will start sooner and last longer after the finish.

Don’t try too hard with this wine. Don’t try to pick apart every nuance you think you should find. When you drink it (and you should drink it), you’ll see that this is a wine to be enjoyed for what it is — a quality clean, crisp white wine.

Food Pairing: The first time I enjoyed Nagy Wines 2013 Pinot Blanc, I kept things simple. Smart move with this simple, delicate wine. And my grilled salmon with apple and brie salad paired perfectly. The soft texture of the salmon, along with the savory creaminess of the cheese, amplified that initial smooth texture I’d found on the palate of the wine. Of course the green apple and the herbaceous salad lifted those green grass notes and vibrant finish.

The second night, I did things a little differently. I prepared a parmesan chicken with pasta Alfredo. For this meal, I chose to chill the Pinot Blanc a bit more, masking the bit of creaminess, but enhancing the fruits and herbs, and amplifying that bubbly minerality to a tingly-tongue texture. This perfectly cut through the butter-and-milk-based sauce and firm chicken breast.

More Info: If you haven’t yet read my reviews for Nagy Wines, Viognier, Syrah, or Pinot Noir — you must because they are all must-haves in your wine cellar.

I received Nagy Wines 2013 Pinot Blanc as a sample for review. (Cheers, Clarissa!) Of course for more information about Nagy Wines, Clarissa, and to purchase her wines directly, please visit the Nagy Wines website.

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  1. I’m a rookie with this varietal….didnt realize you can play with the various temps to get diff notes….Larry has taught me about the rhones like roussanne, marsanne and viognier.

    Nicely done yet again Stacy! #TeamNagy

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