I’m really starting to fall in love with Oregon wines. At first I thought it was just a Pinot-thing (shout out to Patricia Green my first wine love), but they’ve got a good selection of varietals up north. And here’s another primo example of New World Wine amazingness from Oregon: Joel Gott’s 2014 Pinot Gris. Cheers!

About the Wine: Oregon is the new hot spot for wine because the climate is so cool (sorry, Cali, we’re still in drought mode — although side note, winegrowers are learning to adapt and we’re coming away with some pretty unique flavor profiles these days…). Even in 2014 which was marked as a noticeably warmer year during daylight hours, Mother Nature was kind enough to drop the temp significantly during the night time hours. The result? Well-balanced, perfectly ripe, and timely harvest.

As we know, perfectly plump grapes mean a good level of acidity, so the folks at Joel Gott gently pressed these grapes gently and fermented them in stainless steel to preserve the bright fruit flavors.

Joel Gott’s 2014 Pinot Gris is made from 100% Pinot Gris grapes harvested from Willamette Valley in Oregon, fermented in 100% stainless steel, 12.8% ABV

Flavor Profile: Let me start with how clear this wine is in the glass, with just the softest yellow tint. The smell — I can only really describe it as pretty. It has beautiful aromas of soft, stone fruits that just fill your lungs and heart with the essence of summer (think just underripe peaches, maybe even green mango). Mingling with those fruits are subtle floral aromas that bring to mind those white baby orchids. These scents follow through on the palate as well, but are balanced with a distinct hit of acid and a good dose of minerality, the later of which leaves a tingle on the tongue during the long, lingering finish.

Overall this wine is crisp, refreshing easy drinking.

Food Pairing: This wine could go well with a variety of dishes and could just as easily be enjoyed on its own. Personally, I would recommend a tropical-inspired fish dish. Choose a meatier fish like mahi mahi, yellowfin tuna, maybe even a swordfish steak. Smoke or grill your protein to contrast the crisp freshness of the wine. Add a fruit component like a mango salsa to compliment the fruit in the wine. A simple steamed Jasmine rice would round out the meal and add a good contrast in textures.

More Info: I’ve seen Joel Gott wines available at several local supermarkets. Personally, I purchased this at Safeway (Sale Price: $13.99). This is actually the first of this producers wines that I’ve tried, and it looks like they have several varietals available from Oregon, Washington, and California. It’d be interesting to do a comparison…

For more information about Joel Gott and their available wines, please visit their website.

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