Albariño from Napa, you ask? Yeah, it’s a thing. A delicious thing.eighty four wines albariño

About the Wine: The first thing you should know is that Eighty-Four wines is the personal side project of Doug Shafer (yes, of Shafer Vineyards) and his winemaker Elias Fernandez who have been partners in wine crime since—get this—1984.

Eighty-Four 2018 Albariño is made from 100% Albariño grapes harvested from Napa Valley’s Carneros AVA. The wine aged for four months, sur lies, in 75 gallon stainless steel barrels.

13.8% ABV

Flavor Profile:  This white wine is near clear on pour, settling into the glass a very pale but golden straw hue. Initial aromas are actually quite floral along with notes of agave, and just a background of that green apple sensed before. Swirl and clearly get some of that lemon, lime zest, still that agave note and soft white florals through and through. You can sense the acidity, but it seems quite delicate. But let us taste.

The palate is soft, with just a slight touch of texture and that acidity is quite prominent. Quite. And gains momentum as the tasting moves forward.  The finish is interesting. The mouth is tingling due to the acidity, the tongue is salivating from a bit of tartness, even sourness from the fruit flavors. Yet, the palate as a whole experiences a kind of dryness. So, somehow, the finish is simultaneously solid and lingering.

Dominant flavors are, yes, of that lemon-lime zest, but almost more pithy because of that drier aftertaste. Light florals like jasmine and chamomile. That bit of green apple comes back with that tartness, that sourness. And if you exhale, mouth closed, during the finish, there you can find that slight raw almond sliver essence.

Food Pairing: Pan seared sea bass, corn puree, tomato, parsley, almond, salad with honey vinaigrette

More Info: I received the Eighty-Four 2018 Albariño as a sample for review. (Cheers Doug and Elias!) Price: $28. For more information about Eight-Four, the story, wines, and to purchase wine directly, please visit the Eight-Four Wines website.

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