As promised in my Edna Valley Vineyard Pinot Grigio post, here’s yet another cellar staple from my personal stash: Edna Valley Vineyard Central Coast Pinot Noir. It’s like this: you don’t want to have to think about whether a wine will taste “good,” whether it’ll go with a meal you’ll actually eat, or whether you’ll have leftover wine to worry about. This is that wine that you don’t have to worry about — I guarantee you’ll like it, you’ll drink it, and you won’t have any leftovers…

About the Wine: Bare bones facts here: Edna Valley Vineyard Pinot Noir is made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes from the San Louis Obispo region (SLO) in the Edna Valley AVA — where coastal fog keeps things cool, nurturing these delicate grapes into a long 2014 growing season.

14% ABV

Flavor Profile: Classic. Pour this into the glass and inhale — to me it smells like home. A combination of ripe red and purple fruits (plums, black cherries, maybe a dose of pomegranate) fill the lungs and, as soon as you take a sip, the palate. These fruits are not only ripe, they’re fresh, with a good kick of acidity that keeps the wine light and bright. Let the Pinot play on your tongue — savour it because this is how a Pinot is supposed to be: those bright fruits give way to a calmness brought on by oak barrel aging and then finally the soft touch of tannins like a whisper they greet you and like a whisper they leave you. The wine finishes. Or does it? Whose to say because you’re reaching for your second, third, one-hundredth sip…

Food Pairing: Bright, light, and surprisingly refreshing, Edna Valley Vineyard Pinot Noir could pair with almost any dish from steak and potatoes (to break up the heaviness of such a meal) to a seafood salad (to add depth and complexity to such a meal). Me? My favorite party is a pizza and pinot party, and Edna Valley — you’re invited to my party any time.

More Info: Read my review of Edna Valley Vineyard Pinot Grigio. For more information about the vineyard, their wines, and to purchase wines directly, please do visit the Edna Valley Vineyard website. I purchase this wine on a regular basis from my local Safeway (Sale Price: $15).


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