I have no information on this wine, as it was received as a gift, not as a sample for review. But I will tell you this, it’s a pretty easy drinker and I recommend pairing it with something with a bit of spice (spiceful not spicy) and a bit of sauce, as I did. Grenache can be hit or miss. This is a definite hit, but by no means a homerun.

About the Wine: The Townley 2015 Alder Springs Grenache is made from 100% Grenache grapes harvested from Alder Springs Vineyard in Mendocino County, California.

Flavor Profile: Open the bottle and fine aromas of bright bush berries — boysenberries, blackberries along with a meaty-umami and balsamic. This Grenache is a clear, soft rouge on the pour and into the glass.

Initial aromas are very similar to those scented from the bottle; add chocolate, oak and dried, but green, herbs. Swirl, enhance cacao aroma, add black cherries; acidity appears to be strong

The palate is medium bodied, with a soft, light tannic texture, strong acidity, and a very long finish. Dominant flavors are of darker, drier fruits on the front: plums, prunes, figs; it ends on that bright note of boysenberry, black cherry; and there are definite oak-y, wood-y aromas in the background.

Food Pairing: Seafood Paella

More Info: I received the Townley 2015 Alder Springs Grenache as a gift. (Cheers Jim!) Price: $35. Wines are available on the winery’s website.

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