A long overdue of one of my favorite vintners new releases…Tercero 2018 aberration: 40% Cinsault, 40% Grenache and 20% Carignane.

About the Wine: The Tercero Wines 2018 Aberration is made from 40% Cinsault, 40% Grenache, and 20% Carignane harvested from Santa Barbara, California. According to winemaker Larry Schaffer, each component was brought in separately, aggressively foot stomped (by the winemaker himself), fermented, then pressed off and combined into one stainless tank where it aged for three months prior to bottling.

Made in the fresh, fruity style of a white wine, I actually recommend chilling this red wine before enjoying—as does Larry!

9 barrels produced

Flavor Profile: Aromas from the bottle include cranberry, raspberry, pomegranate (light red berries) and a definite funk of freshly fertilized earth. Once poured, the wine presents a light shade of maroon on the pour — completely see-through, making you think rose all day.

Initial aromas in the glass are very subtle at first, but a deep breath in reveals some elegant florals to coincide with those light red berry aromatics scented from the bottle. That initial ‘funk’ has wafted away; swirl and find more earthy aromatics — a bit of basil, bramble, and a more dusty than moist earthy aroma as well.

The palate of this wine is smooth like silk, with a wonderfully sharp acidity that cuts right through the center, assertively yet elegantly, providing a bit of tartness to the tongue. Dominant flavors are of black cherry, pomegranate, cranberry juice, a hint of tobacco, a hint of citrus (blood orange), and a very faint but certain perfumey aura. The finish, though lingering with that tartness, is also progressively dry — you won’t notice it at first, but then, suddenly, the roof of your mouth and the top of your tongue are kissing, albeit chastely, connected, and the palate as a whole is curious for another sip…

On the whole this wine is vibrant, with a antiquated and high-society level of ‘funk’ — by that I mean that it’s the kind of ‘funky’ one would equate with the roaring 20’s — raw, emotional and yet somehow there’s a grace to it.

Anyway, that’s my own two cents…

Food Pairing: Paired with duck breast, apple, pear and fennel salad, topped with craisins and toasted/sweetened pecans, and a apple cider vinaigrette.

More Info: I received the Tercero Wines 2018 Aberration as a sample for review. (Cheers Larry!) Price: $30. For more information about Larry, his wines, and to purchase wine directly, please visit the Tercero Wines website.

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