Do you see this picture? It’s of an empty wine bottle. That’s because, despite the fact that I enjoyed this wine over the course of several days, I enjoyed it so much it just slipped my mind to take a picture. Pour, drink, enjoy. That’s my short story about how this rosé “saved” me, bringing a bit of joy to a rough week.

Story behind Saved: I’d never heard of Saved wines before, so of course I had to read about where in the world this wine came from. It’s actually the work of well-known tattoo artist Scott Campbell. Here’s an abbreviated version of his story:

In his late teens, he moved to San Francisco and always having a proficiency for drawing, he began tattooing his friends out of his house. He got a shop in one of the oldest, grimiest shops in San Francisco where he learned an extensive vocabulary of superstitious symbols that continue to inform his artwork today.

Scott traveled around Europe and Asia, seeking inspiration and education from some of the best tattooers in the world. He arrived in New York and fell in love with the city. He opened Saved Tattoo in 2004 and it quickly grew to be one of the premiere tattoo shops, attracting a clientele of the most prominent figures in the fashion, art and Hollywood communities.

Scott is recognized as one of the most influential tattoo artists in the world and he has since expanded his artwork to a wide variety of mediums including graphite, watercolor paint, gold, eggshells and currency. His work is exhibited in some of the most important private and public art collections worldwide.

SAVED Wines is an artistic expression of the Freedom of Craft…Named after Scott’s acclaimed SAVED tattoo studio in Brooklyn NY, the name SAVED represents the freedom and sanctuary you get by committing fully to your passions.

The first vintage of Saved wines was released in August of 2013. Saved also makes a red wine blend.

About the Wine: The Saved 2017 Magic Maker Rosé is made from a blend of Pinot Noir, Grenache, Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese, and Orange Muscat (exact percentages unknown). The grapes were harvested from various regions throughout California including Monterey, Santa Maria Valley, and Paso Robles.

13.8 % ABV

Flavor Profile: Twist the cap off of the Saved 2017 Magic Maker Rosé and breathe in classic rosé aromas of strawberry, watermelon, and flowers. This rosé is almost clear on the pour, settling into the glass the very definition of peach. Initial aromas are very faint and what you’ll find are scents similar to those found in the bottle. Swirl, and the wine releases a stronger floral footprint, including pollen and hints of jasmine. Deep breath in and you’ll find more fruit notes like passionfruit and grapefruit.

The Saved 2017 Magic Maker Rosé is quite light in body, with an immediate does of citrus that provides a pucker around the perimeter of the tongue, dissipating about half to three-quarters of the way through, and leaving behind just a kiss of texture and a sense of salivation. Dominant flavors are of floral perfume, wild strawberries, lemon-lime zest, and something almost savory in the background…

Food Pairing: I enjoyed the Saved 2017 Magic Maker Rosé over the course of several nights, but my favorite pairing was with a warm herbed turkey wrap, containing wilted spinach, roasted red tomatoes, and swiss cheese. On the side, I tossed a simple salad containing cherry tomatoes, craisens, and goats cheese in a vinaigrette.

Why did I love this pairing the most? The flavors of the meal reminded me of Thanksgiving and this wine went perfectly with all the flavors and textures that that entails. The puckery, almost sour sensation in the wine perfectly canceled out the bitterness in the greens from the fresh salad. The turkey itself brought out some earthiness in the wine, not entirely sensed when sipping on its own. And the cheeses, as well as the herbs that were pressed into the actual wrap itself, calmed down the wine and provided an overall calmer, smoother texture.

Have this wine with a midweek meal like I did. Then buy another bottle and bring it ’round for the holidays.

More Info: I received the Saved 2017 Magic Maker Rosé as a gift. (Cheers Jim!) Retail: $20. For more information about Saved and to purchase wine directly, please visit the Saved Wines website.

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