As some of you may (or may not) know, I’m currently studying for my WSET Diploma. As part of the program, I’m conducting regular tastings that coincide with the program requirements for each unit. This is was the motivation behind tasting this wine—because it’s certainly a wine that I personally would reach for on a normal day. That being said, I was excited to see Rosé d’Anjou on the list because I’ve never actually tasted one before. Anjou is a region of the middle Loire Valley and this style of rosé is unique to the region. So, let’s have a taste…

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About the Wine: The Remy Pannier 2018 Rosé D’Anjou is made of Grolleau Noir, Gamay and Grolleau Gris grapes harvested from France’s Loire Valley Anjou appellation. 

Winemaker: Pierre Charon

Vinificaton: According to the producer, flotation is used to rack the wine within a couple of hours to speed up the pre-fermentation and fermentation stages. Neutral gas is added: nitrogen and carbon dioxide to prevent oxidation before and after fermentation. The wine matures for 6 months.

10.5% ABV

15-20g/l RS

Flavor Profile:

Appearance: medium pink-orange

Aroma: medium intensity

Aromas include: watermelon, red cherry, candy/saccharin, ripe raspberries, strawberry candy, soapy-floral lavender

Palate: The palate is off-dry with low alcohol, medium (-) body, medium (+) acid, no tannins.

The flavor profile is of medium intensity with flavors that reiterate the nose, but intensify the “candy-like” quality to the fruits mentioned above (cherry, strawberry, raspverry). The palate also intensifies those lavender floral notes as well as adds a bit of a pink lemonade-like citrus element.

The finish is medium in length.

Conclusion: Based on the WSET criteria, I concluded that this wine is of acceptable quality. It is well balanced, as the sweetness adds a bit of body to the wine as well as a roundness to the palate. The level of acidity cuts through that sweetness to deliver those fruit and floral components. However, this wine, overall, lacks any kind of complexity, with all aroma and flavor characteristics limited to one category type. Furthermore, those aromas and flavors were not intense enough, nor was the finish long enough, to qualify the wine for anything above acceptable.

This wine is not suitable for bottle aging. Like the wine above, there’s nothing structurally that would lend to longevity. The fruit and floral components will end up fading away, leaving an unbalanced wine.

Food Pairing: This is a stumper for me. I tasted this wine purely for the educational process and there wasn’t any kind of cuisine that sprang to my mind during the tasting. However, I do want to add that the producer has a note that the wine “pairs well with chorizo salad, Mexican cuisine and raspberry short cake.” Yeah, I could see that…

More Info: I purchased the Remy Pannier 2018 Rosé D’Anjou from Price: $16.99

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