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This Week’s Latest Wine Headlines: August 13—20

Hey peoples. Been keeping rather busy, but I’ve got your boozy-newsy round up for the week. Local story to look at is Sonoma’s continuing discussion on weed cultivation. One of the biggest pieces to engage my social media following—examining the definition of “balance” in terms of wine.

And I have to ask—has anyone been able to watch this movie? Because for the life of me I cannot find out where/how to watch.

Fun Stacy fact: if I’m not drinking wine, I’m probably drinking vodka. So this story about the ‘supersticious’ nature of the martini olive struck my fancy.

Alright, that’s all from me. Enjoy!



This Week’s Latest Wine Headlines: August 8—13

Hello, happy weekend, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there. Lots of good newsy stuff happening in the world of wine: From health and wellness to (of course) climate change and the latest development in smoke taint research. In shameless self-promotion, I’d like to highlight my first article for the new media outlet The Drop—Meet the California Winemakers Turned Firefighters.

I’ve been keeping busy continuing to freelance with all my regular outlets as well and am enjoying my new post as Wine Industry Network’s new Managing Editor. AND (because that’s not enough) I’m moving forward with my WSET Diploma and beginning my studies for the next section: D4 Sparkling Wines of the World. Have a shipment of bubbles coming my way today, actually. Hoping I’ll find the time to post what I learn from my tasting experience—I know many of you are fans of the WSET-related content on this site. (PS If there’s something specific you’d like me to write about, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line—always like hearing from you all.)

That’s all from me. Have a fab weekend.


This Week’s Latest Wine Headlines: July 25—July 30

Hola—Happy My Birthday Weekend to you! Hope you have something fun planned. Me? I’ll just wait to be surprised—or not—whatever the case may be I’m finding that I’ve a lot to be thankful for so am happy to simply celebrate life.

Enjoy your round up of weekly wine news. I’ll highlight, in shameless self-promotion, that I’ve taken on a Managing Editor role for Wine Industry Advisor. I’ll still be freelancing everywhere and keeping up my personal website, but this is a great opportunity and am stoked to jump on board.

Cheers everyone—celebrate something this weekend, even if it is yourself. 🙂