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Latest Wine Headlines: December 6—10

Hello everybody. Did you miss me? I feel like it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. Thanksgiving was a fun and relaxing week for me. Then the next week was a bit crazy-go-nuts prepping for and then presenting my panel on regenerative agriculture for the WINExpo. What a great event—it was so nice to finally see my fellow wine industry folks in person for the first time in like 2 years. Kind of makes me excited for Unified in January, where I’m sure I’ll see even more of you.

This week has been jam-packed with wine news—local, national, and international. Wow, there’s so much here, I don’t think I can sum it up in brevity. A few pieces I’d like to call out, though, as I found them particularly interesting, insightful, and/or helpful:

And there’s loads, loads more. So, sit back, relax, have a sip of this, that, and the other (because, heck, it’s the holidays and the list really is that long), and enjoy. Hope everyone out there is having a great start to their Holiday Season. Cheers my friends!


Latest Wine Headlines: November 6—12

Hello everybody! This week has been so crazy I didn’t think there was any way I’d be able to keep up with the news. I did, though! Like last week’s post I’ll be highlighting a few projects at the top. Most importantly—this weekend is your last chance to submit nominees for Wine Industry Advisor’s Most Inspiring People awards. So if there’s someone in the wine industry that’s been particularly inspiring to you, please submit his/her/thier name here.

Below that, there’s loads of interesting wine-related news. And of course don’t forget to check out independent media (aka the Blogs), and even a few interesting Press Releases.

NOTE: I will not be posting again until following the Thanksgiving holiday. That being said, you can reach me at any time—and don’t hesitate to do so. I love hearing from you all, even if it’s just a quick hello.

Cheers and have a fab weekend and excellent Thanksgiving. Be kind to one another.



Latest Wine Headlines: November 1—5

Hey crew. I’ve been quite busy, taking tests, writing my thesis, writing articles, prepping for wine industry events … etc., etc., etc. This week I’m bringing you an abbreviated version of the weekly wine news round up. You’ll find a few of my personal projects at the top. (Like this piece on cuvée or—oh yeah!—I spoke on a wine podcast.) Below that you’ll find direct links to some of the top headlines and blog posts from throughout this week. Hope you find something that interests you. Have a great weekend, drink good wine, and have some fun. Cheers.

Drink wine, read books, be happy.
Drink wine, read books, be happy.


Latest Wine Headlines: October 16—22

Take a look at this week’s wine-centric news round up. A few call outs: Love this piece by Jeff Siegel about how the wine industry just needs to ‘calm down’ about all this DTC shipping legal craziness. Looks like the glassy winged sharpshooter has been found in Northern California wine country—that could be horrible if it turns out to be an infestation. Take a look at this piece I wrote for the Napa Valley Wine Academy answering the question—What is Rutherford Dust really?

Don’t forget to sign up for this year’s WINExpo, where I’ll be moderating a session on regenerative agriculture. And if you haven’t yet—please submit your nominee for who you think Wine’s Most Inspiring Person for 2021 should be.

That’s all from me for now. I will not be here next week as I prep for my next WSET Diploma Exam and then take a bit of time off to recover. Until the next time—drink good wine…cheers.


Latest Wine Headlines: October 10—15

Hey all, I want to call out something super important here. Wine Industry Advisor has just opened up submissions for its Most Inspiring People awards and this is the first time they’ve asked for nominations from the public. So if you know someone who’s made a significant, positive contribution to the US wine industry please nominate them here.

Did you do it? Awesome. Then you may continue on with your perusal of this week’s short list of wine-related news items. I’ve got a few pieces out myself, but some of my favorite articles this week are highlighting the diversity of our wine industry—so great to see these stories amplified in the media.

Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!