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2012 E. Guigal Côte Du Rhône: A Special Sipper for the Daily Drinker

I’ve been learning a lot about Rhones lately. Specifically New World Rhones from the West Coast here in the US. For me, that means there are a lot of good quality, local wines available. But I can’t help but feel one can only appreciate what the New World has to offer by studying from those who have been doing it the longest.

Where do our modern-day “Rhone Rangers,” like Bonny Doon and their ilk get their influence? How are Old World techniques implemented today? For that we must turn to Old World wines straight from the Motherland, France.

I am but one little woman in the whole wine world and don’t have fancy French labels at my fingertips. Luckily there are producers like Guigal Estate who import affordable French wines for regular folks and wannabe wine snobs like myself.


Sample Policy

I am just one person who doesn’t have access to every wine in the world. As such, I absolutely accept (and encourage) wine and food samples, or other wine and food related products, for review from wineries, PR companies, and related companies. I am also open to invitations to visit wineries, breweries, restaurants, related industry events, and even offers of wine and food related travel.

Samples are reviewed at my discretion. Due to the volume of samples received, I cannot guarantee a specific timeframe in which wines will be reviewed. I do not score wines nor do I sell wines. Wine reviews will be honest and incorporate the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting (SAT), but will always include my own personal anecdotes and opinions as well. I will always state when a wine has been received as a sample for review. If purchased at a local shop, I will share where the wine was purchased and the suggested retail price of the wine.

In the event that I feel a wine is below standard (meaning, regardless of personal taste preferences, I do not feel others will enjoy the wine) a review will not be posted.

I do ask that you please Contact Me before sending samples, even if you’ve sent products previously. This is to ensure that all wine and food products are expected and handled with care upon receipt.

**Please note: all reviews and opinions are my own and are not associated with any of my places of business. Sending samples for review on my personal website in no way guarantees coverage in any other media outlet I may be currently associated with.**

Those interested in sending samples must fill out the form below as a sign that you’ve read and understand my sample policies.

Many thanks and cheers!


Broccoli Rabe Pizza

The inspiration for this pizza comes from my one and only visit to Delfina Pizza. I don’t eat a lot of restaurant pizza, mostly because, even though I LOVE pizza, I’m really picky about it. That’s why I usually opt to make my own. But when a celebratory work event dictates your lunch will be pizza, you may as well go all in and try what the restaurant has to offer. Now, this is by no means a restaurant review of Delfina, but suffice it to say I highly recommend it and hope to return again. If anything, for the broccoli rabe pizza…


Cranberry, Orange & Almond Shortbread Cookies

I love making shortbread cookies because they are so easy to make and a huge crowd pleaser. I recently made this recipe for a potluck event, but I’ve also used them as tasty gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Depending on the event or the giftee, try swapping out the filling. I’ve used the shortbread base to make mint chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia, and butter pecan. The possibilities are endless…