This Week’s Latest Wine Headlines: May 23—May 28

Hello and happy weekend—and happy long weekend for those who get Memorial Day off. I, for one, am taking off early this week, shutting down the home office early Friday afternoon to enjoy the start to the summer season and—oh yeah—my anniversary. ❤️

So, in that spirit, I’ll keep this quite short and leave it to you to scroll through this week’s wine news. Looking ahead, I’ve got quite a few tours and tastings booked, so be on the lookout for fresh content both here and around the globe in traditional media outlets.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and have some good wine. Cheers.


This Week’s Latest Wine Headlines: May 14—May 21

Hello, happy weekend, and thank you for being patient with me while I went on a brief hiatus. I am back, and whoa what a week to come back to. If you haven’t seen my latest articles come out, this week I had my Biodynamics 101 published through the Napa Valley Wine Academy (where I study for my WSET Diploma) as well as a piece asking the age old question “What Does ‘Minerality’ Mean in Wine?” for Wine Enthusiast. So be sure to check those out.

I also participated in an Instagram Live chat with Jason Haas, proprietor of Tablas Creek Vineyard. If you missed the live version, be sure to watch the recording on the Tablas IGTV channel.

And if that wasn’t enough Wine Business Monthly also repurposed my 2019 article “Is Your Winery Website ADA Compliant,” given all the new lawsuits that are coming to the forefront. (PS If you winery website is not ADA compliant, you’re definitely limiting your customer base. So make sure your space, whether virtual or IRL is a welcoming environment for all wine lovers.)

Last but not least—I actually posted a recipe this week! Hah! Yes, now that I have *some* space to breathe, I’m able to pick up a few hobbies again. You know, like reading a book and baking. So, if you like cookies definitely check this double dose of cookie awesomeness—I’ve one for the healthy eaters and one for the indulgent. Either way they’re tasty.

I think that’s it from me at the moment. As always, scroll through some of the latest wine news at your leisure. Enjoy and thanks for popping by.


Briscoe Bakes: Healthy and Indulgent Cookies

Any other stress-bakers out there? Suffice it to say I’ve been overwhelmingly busy these past few months with very little time to slow down and enjoy basic hobbies. Now that things have slowed down (at least for the moment), something I’m picking back up is baking.

Fun fact: When I started this website, I really thought it was going to be all about food. Wine was just a side-act. Now it is (without any remorse) the shining star of this one-man show.

But for fun and giggles, I’d like to post my latest two bakes. One a super-healthy vegan cookie thing. The other, good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies alla mamma used to make. So please, enjoy. (Also, either pairs well with a super-dry champers. 🥂)


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