An exciting conclusion to my Lindeman’s Australian wine series is the Lindeman’s Bin 85 Pinot Grigio. While their Chardonnay offered a classic take on the varietal, the Cabernet Sauvignon a markedly New World expression, it’s the Pinot Grigio that — to my palate — is just 100% Australian.

About the Wine: I’m going to paste some notes from the tech sheet here. I know I know…not my style. Here’s the thing — for the most part, my reviews are American and predominantly Californian. It’s not that I’m not familiar with wines from abroad, but I guess I just don’t seek them out. The other thing you should know about me is that I love Australia — their TV shows, their food, wine, and people. And every once in awhile, when I’m writing something like this I remember something silly — they’re on the other side of the world. So I love when I read notes like this:

A mild winter led to a warm and dry growing season with early bud burst. It was relatively cool leading into vintage, which commenced early as a result of normal crop levels and continuing dry conditions. In mid-January, the season remained dry and relatively hot with temperatures in the mid-40 ̊Cs, which continued until mid-February. Healthy leaf canopies prevented the fruit from being affected by the sun, but the warm conditions accelerated ripening. Rain came in mid-February, which delayed grape harvesting and processing by about two weeks and was accompanied by cooler weather.

Harvest Date: January to February 2014

As Joey from Friends says, “Opposite means opposite.” While we’re worried about bud break and leaf trimming, the cool kids on the other side of the world are harvesting away.


The Lindeman’s Bin 85 Pinot Grigio is made from 100% Pinot Grigio grapes harvested from South East Australia. It was aged in 100% stainless steel. Those are all the details I can give you at the moment.

12.5% ABV

Flavor Profile: The  Lindeman’s Bin 85 Pinot Grigio presents a quite pale straw color in the glass with just a twinge of green — like grass trimmings that have been sitting in the back of the gardener’s truck for just a touch too long (it’s not yet hay, but it’s clearly no longer grass).

The nose of the wine is very stereotypical cool climate Sauvignon Blanc (yes I realize this is a PG) — a rush of tropical flavors, sting of acidity, and (if you’re paying attention) a somewhat soft and fun floral note lingering in the background.

And you can’t help but continue to think SB when drinking the  Lindeman’s Bin 85 Pinot Grigio — it’s just that floral and fruity. Pineapple and grapefruit in the forefront, green apples and pears in the mid-palate, and a cool and crispy finish that just sings of sea salt air.

Food Pairing: Do not take this wine too seriously. I didn’t. (Hence the goofy pic — I mean it says SMILE right on the label.)

And seriously, I don’t remember what I paired this PG with — didn’t write it down because it is not important. Have this wine when you want the stink of tropical fruits. Have this wine if you want something light and lively. Have this wine when you want a wine that you don’t have to think about, figure out, and take copious notes on. (Clearly I didn’t).

Seriously, just relax, pour yourself a glass of f***n’ wine. And smile.

More Info: If you haven’t yet read my post on either the Lindeman’s Bin 65 Chardonnay or the Lindeman’s Bin 45 Cabernet Sauvignon, definitely do. I received Lindeman’s Bin 85 Pinot Grigio 2015 as a sample for review. (Cheers!) Retail: $6 For more information and to purchase wines directly, please visit the Lindeman’s website.

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