I met Jason DiFrancesco almost three years ago at the SF Rhone Rangers event. I met him, quite frankly, how I meet many winemakers at these kinds of grand tastings — his table was, at the time, the lease crowded. At an event filled with Rhone varietals and Rhone blends, it can be really hard to stand out — especially among big name brands from Paso Robles, where Jason sources his grapes. But alas, his wines did stand out and because of his wines and our lively conversation, he and I became friends. So, I am pleased to present to you the latest Leverage Wines release…

About the Wine: The Leverage Wines 2015 Trajectory is made from Grenache sourced from the Adelaide District AVA, and Syrah and Mourvédre sourced from the Willow Creek AVA, all of which are found within California’s Paso Robles AVA.

The individual grape lots went through 20% whole cluster fermentation. The wine was aged in 100% new French oak barrels (40% new) for 18 months.

NOTE: May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month and Leverage is a big supporter of this cause. During the month of May, partial proceeds from wine purchases will go toward the cause. Direct link below.

15.2% ABV

Flavor Profile: Pop the cork on the Leverage Wines 2015 Trajectory and breathe in beautiful aromas of blackberries, wet muddy ground, and night time mist. The color of this GSM red blend is a rusted maroon on the pour — reminiscent of old, wizened blood. In the glass, this color becomes a dull rusty shade, with an antique-like quality to it.

Initial aromas are of cranberry compote, bittersweet cacao, and moist chocolate cake. Swirl, and the wine opens up to scents of tarragon, wet cedar wood, black cherry compote, and saw dust. Pull away from the glass and find the warmth and heat of red chili as well as an essence of bramble.

The Leverage Wines 2015 Trajectory is a medium-bodied red wine with modest, but tangible tannins. These tannins are sneaky-cool, subtly and nearly unnoticeably working throughout the tasting until the very end, when they provide a cozy blanket-like coating throughout the palate. The acid, too, is quite fluid — like a light wave that flows, never rising too high, nor sinking too low.

Dominant flavors are of black cherry, oak wood, cocoa powder, black pepper, and moss.

Food Pairing: I paired the Leverage Wines 2015 Trajectory with seared sea-scallops, roasted red pepper purée, sautéed broccolini and a pickled shallots garnish. I absolutely loved this pairing. The soft texture of the scallops along with its innate sweetness gave the wine a rounder, silkier mouthfeel. Meanwhile the roasted red pepper purée highlighted some of those peppery notes as well as some of the herbaceous ones. And the pickled shallots was the refreshing kick of acidity needed to round out the meal as a whole.

More Info: I received the Leverage Wines 2015 Trajectory as a gift. (Cheers Jason!) Retail: $52. For more information about Leverage Wines, their wines, and to purchase wine directly, please visit the Leverage Wines website.

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