I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — rosés are hard for me. Oftentimes, the popular rosés found in grocery stores tend to appeal to the mass market — cloyingly fruit forward to the point of a high perceived sweetness. But the Greek grapes used for this rosé were pretty much made for rosé. Added bonus? Seasoned winemaker Robert Rex is the master mind behind this wine. So while the wine may present a much “too” pink color and an extremely fragrant nose, rest-assured that this is a dry wine that even picky pink drinkers like myself can enjoy. (Double extra bonus points: California residents can find this bottle of Georgos Wines at your local Whole Foods.)

About the Wine: The name IOS is a nod to an ancient Greek island (circa 1,050 BC) in the Mediterranean Sea. Recognized as one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades, its name means “flower.” And a rosé by any other name…

The Georgós Wine 2015 IOS Aphrodite’s Kiss is made from Agiorgitiko grapes — one of the most commonly grown grapes in Greece. The name literally translates to “St. George’s grape,” though the exact meaning behind the name is unknown. When made as a red wine, it’s known for its spicy characteristics as well as its low acidity, but strong fruit aromas — thus, a strong grape for making into a rosé.

The grapes are all hand-picked and hand- sorted and de-steming was done mechanically, shaking out the berries and then hand-sorting again. The wine was fermented with skin contact for 16 hours before pressing. It is unoaked. Winemaker: Rob Rex of Deerfield Ranch Winery.

12% ABV

Flavor Profile: Twist the cap off of the Georgós Wine 2015 IOS Aphrodite’s Kiss and breathe in the fruit-filled aromas of strawberry, pomegranate, golden raisins and the slightest hint of umami in the form of caramelized or candied onions. This unique rosé pours with a peachy-pink hue, settling into the glass a bit denser and richer — a burnt orange or sunset-orange shade of pink.

Initial aromas from the glass are similar to those sensed from the bottle, but add to it vanilla bean and fresh sage leaves. Swirl, and awaken scents of fresh white gardenias, wet grass, and the subtle acidity of a blood orange. The palate has a beautifully light texture but full mouthfeel. The Georgós Wine 2015 IOS Aphrodite’s Kiss is absolutely desert-dry from start to finish, but lacks nothing in flavor. Dominant flavors are of blood orange juice, lemon zest, rose water, sage, and edible flowers, with background flavors of those strawberries and pomegranates. The finish has just a bit of a spice kick around the perimeter of the mouth, but the palate is left clean and dry. The lingering flavors and after breath is of dried strawberries, vanilla, and that sage leaf — honestly, it quite reminded me of the flavor of a strawberry shortcake.

Food Pairing: Such a light rosé, the Georgós Wine 2015 IOS Aphrodite’s Kiss will pair well with almost any meal — from a light soup and salad to a meat and three veg dish. I enjoyed my bottle with grilled Mahi Mahi, roasted vegetables (butternut squash, brussel sprouts, red onions), and a side salad. I have no notes other than to say this wine paired well and was enjoyed before, during, and after this meal.

More Info: I received the Georgós Wine 2015 IOS Aphrodite’s Kiss as a sample for review. (Cheers Alexa!) Retail: $23. For more information about Georgós Wine, their wines, and to purchase wines directly, please visit the Georgós Wine website.

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