About the Wine: As I mentioned in my brief Languedob-Roussillon synopsis, some French wines prefer to stay mysterious. Or, maybe it’s that they decide to maintain and Old World etiquette, not boasting the exact grape varieties, winemaking methods, and percentages of each varietal used. It does seem to be a “New World” fascination, telling a wine’s story on the back of the bottle, swaying drinkers’ opinions by the choice of words used. Why not, instead, taste the wine and figure it out yourself.

Such is the case with this Domaine Sainte Croix Cuvee Montures 2015 Rosé. I can tell you very little except what I saw, smelled, and tasted. I’ve drawn the conclusion that it is a purposeful rosé created in classic Rhône-style. But, read my notes — or better yet taste it for yourself — and tell me what you think.

12.5% ABV


Flavor Profile: Pop the cork and out of the bottle comes a funky, box-y, garden-hose rubbery aroma. In the glass, the Domaine Sainte Croix Cuvee Montures 2015 Rosé is a fun peach meets orange meets pink color — a medium-light hue that hints at a bit of body to the wine.

Initial aromas are tropical, reminiscent of coconut tan lotion, orchids, and hibiscus. Swirl, and the fruits open up with a bit of creaminess lingering in the background, making me think of a raspberry sherbet. Take the nose to the top of the glass, and you’ll find that floral bouquet again — this time with droplets of rain water scattered about the petals and leaves.

On the palate this rosé is quite smooth and, yes, almost creamy on the tongue, though still quite light and refreshing. Flavors are reminiscent of raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, all swirled together in that refreshing sherbet dessert as you walk through a field of those flowers sensed on the nose. The aftertaste will take you back to the beach with just the slightest hint of coconut essence.

The acidity of the wine is quite low and doesn’t make itself known until the very end of the tasting. But when it hits, it hits with a bang, salivating the tongue and cheeks and warming the chest.

Food Pairing: Serve this wine chilled as an aperitif, on its own. It’s meant for sipping as you sit out on the porch on a lazy, warm summer Sunday reading a book and catching some rays.

More Info: I received the Domaine Sainte Croix Cuvee Montures 2015 Rosé as a sample for review from Total Wine. (Cheers, Megan!) Retail Price $40.

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