Perfect as a summer sipper or paired with a light cuisine, Toad Hollow 2015 is a fun and versatile daily drinker.

As girly as I am, I am quite picky about my pink wines. But when I saw the words “Dry Rose,” and “Pinot Noir” on the Toad Hollow label, I just knew I had to try this one.

About the Wine: This style of wine is created by using some, but not all, of the pinot noir grape skin on during the wine-making process. Toad Hollow has used 100% pinot noir grapes. Contains 11.5% alcohol.

Flavor Profile: Toad Hollow has created a tickle-me-pink rose with a mature depth of flavor. Although initial aromas may seem quite fruit forward — including essences of strawberries, raspberries, and even watermelon — the taste on the tongue is quite subtle.

Personally I would say the tannins are low to medium and the acidity is medium to high. The tannins are light yet tangible, and the acidity is refreshingly crisp, subduing the fruit on the palate and creating the perfect balance of flavors.

Food Pairing: The Toad Hollow 2015 Rose is so refreshing you could certainly enjoy this on its own sitting under the summer sun.

Because it’s so light on the palate and low in alcohol, this wine is quite versatile. I enjoy this wine (on a semi-regular basis) with grilled salmon and a bright, fruit-based salad.

More Info: Learn more about Toad Hollow and purchase wines directly from their website. I purchased this particular bottle at Whole Foods (Priced: $12.99).

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