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About the Wine: California girl through and through — I know most of the wines I love take their roots from one of the main Motherlands (France, Italy, even Spain). It’s not often that I travel abroad with my wine tasting, so when I do, I like to make it a little educational.

For those unfamiliar, Chablis is a region in France, specifically a Chardonnay winemaking region. But the Chardonnay here is markedly different than those we’ve become accustomed to in the New World — especially for us Cali-wine drinkers. Chablis rarely, if ever, uses oak in the winemaking process, instead relying on stainless steel vinification. This means the resulting wines are a more pure expression of both the grape variety and terroir.

Chablis is located in the the northernmost portion of Burgundy, France. Noted for its cool climate, this region tends to produce more acidic wines (Chardonnay) that are less fruity than Chardonnays from warmer parts of the world (like sunny California).

Domaine William Fèvre Cablis is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes harvested from the Domaine William Fèvre’s vineyards in Chablis, France. This particular plot of the appellation enjoys marls and clayey limestone from the kimmeridgian (soil that dates back to the Jurassic period).

The wine was aged for 10 to 12 months in stainless steel; 5 to 10% of the grapes were aged in (mature) French oak barrels for 5 months.

Flavor Profile: So near clear you’ll almost question whether or not it’s water in the glass — except for the fact that there are beautiful springtime aromatics wafting out of the glass as if from a cool sea breeze. Young apples, still hanging on the tree amongst their blossoms, are nowhere near ready to pick — you can smell the almost citrus-like acidity in their tarty youth. Picture this apple tree on a cool, early spring day near the beach: the air is caked with fog so thick, you can smell hints of the sea-salt and sand. Deep breath in. And I am home.

The initial palate is just as refreshing. The fruit here is just ready to pick, providing just enough of those natural juices to balance that tang of acidity that comes with a bang at the finish. Drink this wine chilled, and that intensity is heightened, coming to the forefront mid-palate. Either way, it’s that lingering pucker you’re left with — not sour, just an actual expression of the Chardonnay grape. You plucked it, you ate it, this is what it tastes like. Untouched.

Food Pairing: For those of you who love oysters, this is your go-to wine. Personally, I’m not a fan, so I enjoyed the Domaine William Fèvre Cablis with a vegetarian pasta tossed with a light garlic cream sauce. Perfect pairing? Well I loved how the crispness of the wine cut through the soft textures of the eggplant (main vegetable) and the creaminess of the sauce. But seeing as how I as getting such an aquatic nose to this wine, I’d love to try it again with a more sea-inspired meal.

More Info: This was my first taste of Domaine William Fèvre Cablis and I must say it is a welcome change to my typical Chardonnay. This is a wine I’ve purchased twice now, and highly recommend. I purchased a half bottle of the Domaine William Fèvre Cablis at an independent wine shop. Retail $25. For more information about Domaine William Fèvre Cablis and to find a local retailer, please visit the Domaine William Fèvre Cablis website.

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