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Pop Quiz(es): Loire Valley

I never really realized just how large the Loire Valley is until I started studying for the WSET Level 3. It’s…pretty big. Like, a bit intimidating big. And, unfortunately, I don’t have a really good short answer question that can help break it down for me. So, I’m being creative. I’m using some sample multiple choice questions I found around the inter-webs to help me break into the region at a more accommodating pace.


Northern Rhône Overview

All About Beaujolais and a Wine Review

In a recent post discussing carbonic maceration, I briefly mentioned a bit about Beaujolais. And in my Wine Regions of Burgundy post I completely ignored Beaujolias, which is, in fact, the southern-most portion of Burgundy. Yet, so different is Beaujolias from its northern neighbor that few associate the two together. And even textbooks—from the WSET to Karen MacNeil’s Wine Bible—break the two areas out into separate chapters. So, let’s dive in and find out what exactly makes Beaujolais so unique.

Courtesy Fernando Beteta