I came across Steele Wines during my last tour of Lake County Wine Country. A pleasant experience all around: great staff, a large tasting menu, and — of course — enjoyable wines. But the one that struck me the most — the bottle I came home with — was the 2014 Writer’s Block Cabernet Franc. Sourced from Shannon Ridge Vineyards in the High Valley area of Lake County, the wine shows the true expression of everything one knows and loves about the Cab Franc grape (assuming, you’re like me and love the grape). But what’s more is the story that goes along with it…

About the Wine: The Writer’s Block series from Steele Wines, started in 2002 by Jed Steele, is a line dedicated to less-familiar grapes — Roussanne, Marsanne, Counoise, and, yes, Cab Franc. (Admittedly the line now includes Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, and a few other “regulars.”)

Each bottle tells a story. Literally. The back of each bottle includes a short story from different writers that are meant to be a play on your typical wine description.

So, in that spirit, I’m not going to tell you “about the wine.” Nor am I going to give you my typical “Flavor Profile,” tasting notes, or event “Food Pairing.” You can glean what you will from my epic poem below. Cheers xx

Dusty, rusty, crusty.

Dig deeper into the red rock

                             and hit the cold steel

                            that metallic texture of blood — it is the life blood that blooms, that gushes upward like a geyser fertilizing              the earth, feeding the flowers, and pumping the heart one gall-ump at a time.

          Like a vampire I suck it down.

          Like a vampire I crave more.



So voluptuous and giving

           I drink her earth

           I lick her petals

           I suck out her blood

           to pump my own

                                                fading heart

And it does


                                                              fade to dust

Ashes to Ashes

                           Dust to Dust

From Earth you were made

And from ashes you shall


More Info: I purchased the Steele Wines 2014 Writer’s Block Cabernet Franc at the winery. Retail $17. For more information about Steele Wines, the Writer’s Block Series, and traditional tasting notes, please visit the Steele Wines website.

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  1. very cool way to write about the wine! You are multi talented! Glad to hear you are a Cab Franc Lover! Those words are music to my ears!

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