They say not to judge a book by its cover. They never said anything about a cheese’s label…

Not sure what kind of cheese I wanted to garnish my salad with, I was perusing all the reliable stand-by’s at my local Safeway. Nothing seemed to be calling out to me. I really wanted something unique, something that would pop, something that could simultaneously stand out on the dish but blend well with the rest of the recipe. Then I saw Belton Farm’s latest addition to its cheese family and I just had to ask myself…

What does the White Fox Say?

About the Cheese: Belton Farms, an organic, UK based cheese farm prides itself on its “handmade on the farm” cheeses. They say about the White Fox, “White Fox cheese is rich, nutty and intensely creamy with “a cunning crunch,” having been slowly matured for around 18 months and aged to perfection.”

Flavor Profile: The texture alone is quite unique. The initial taste and texture on the tongue may make one think of a soft white cheddar. But this cheese has a bit of a bite to it that crosses into a parmesan comparison, though certainly not as hard. In fact, on the chew, the cheese seems to melt in the mouth with a creamy consistency. But just when you think it’s melted away, there is that residual, “cunning crunch,” like a bit of a pop-rock surprise in your cheese. But this pop, as the description details, lends itself to a nutty aftertaste. Soft to hard, cream to crunchy, It’s like a rollercoaster of cheese taste and texture in one delicious bite.

When I first bought this cheese I was a bit concerned. The package doesn’t even say what kind of cheese it is. And for a novice like me, buying this mystery cheese was a bit of a gamble. But it was totally worth it.

Food Pairing: Because this cheese encompasses the essence of so many varietals, it lends itself well to a wide range of cuisine. I personally crumbled the cheese on top of a light salad consisting of caramelized onions, pear slivers, and spring greens with a homemade vinaigrette. However, I would also recommend using this cheese as part of a cheese platter — or just to nibble on with your favorite fruit.

Wine Pairing: Personally I would pair this wine with a standard California Chardonnay. Something with a bit of oak to play with those nutty notes in the cheese.

Belton Farm_White Fox

More Info: Learn more about Belton Farm and their cheeses on their website. Although Belton Cheese products are predominantly distributed in the UK, I was able to purchase this particular cheese at Safeway (Priced: $6.99).

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