It’s time for another fun episode of Hey Briscoe, What Else you Drinking? Yes, believe it or not I do find time to taste wines not associated with my exam preparations. I do several virtual wine tastings, belong to my own set of wine clubs and *gasp* purchase wine for the pure random pleasure of it. Here’s a list of a few recommendations from recent sips…

No tasting grid necessary, these are off the cuff tasting notes, so please don’t mind the slam poetry and leave wine-snobbery at the door. You’ve been warned.

Larkmead 2017 Pinot Noir

The aroma of this Anderson Valley Pinot Noir is all about the red fresh fruits: raspberry, cranberry, wild strawberries, red currant. There’s an aura of ocean air and you can already sense the delicate integration of oak. The palate has smooth, fine-grained tannins, a good dose of acid that’s, yes, actually mouth watering. While those red fruits play their part, there’s an elevated floral component to the taste. The lingering finish is a pas de deaux of fruits and florals.

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Passaggio 2019 Rosé Colored Glasses (Rosé of Temperanillo)

Rose petals, mandarin oranges and orange blossom on the nose. A light breezy attitude like a cool wind as you walk along the river on a warm summer evening. Chamomile and pollen waft in an aura.

Palate is zip and zing with a racey youthful acidity. Fresh just-ripe strawberries, watermelon, pink grapefruit and those florals swirl together. Lemon/lime pith adds just a bit of bitterness. This wine has weight, body, purpose. Easy drinking? Yes, but behind those rose colored glasses is a soul with a story to tell. She’s lived a life with sorrow but maintains always an optimism that tomorrow is another day. Find the depth, find the meaning. Swirl, sniff, sip, and sip again. 

Ya’ll know I’m in love with Cindy Cosco’s wines—this is one to keep in stock in your personal cellar. Enjoyed this on a particularly stressful day and I will say, life really does look better with rosé colored glasses.

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Grimms Bluff 2018 Reserve Sauvignon Blanc

Did a fantastic tasting of several wines showcasing the unique terroir of the Happy Canyon AVA located in Southern California. I honestly couldn’t fault any of the wines, but this, for me, was a bit of a standout. I have a recent fascination with Sauvignon Blanc—how susceptible it is to its growing environment and how different winemaking techniques can truly highlight those natural nuances.

The Grimms Bluff Reserve SB is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the variety—the perfect balance between fruit and earth components. Blossom, honeysuckle, chamomile, baby’s breath, passionfruit, mango, mandarin, lemon, lime, pink grapefruit and just a hint of toasty-bready goodness from lees contact. Winemaker Ernst Storm describes it so perfectly and succinctly: “A generous body yet remains racy with a balance of mineral nuances and sleek qualities.”

Yes, yes and yes.

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Passaggio Wines 2018 Grenache Noir

I told you this lady was good.

Delicately red-fruited straight out of the bottle. A pretty dusty ruby red-pink in the glass.

Red fruits carry to the nose of the glass: wild straw berries bush berries and a delicate dustiness with hints of smoke like a long-off fire pit on a summer evening. A hint of vanilla, maybe some baking spices, but OH so subtle.

Light, light, light on the palate. Red fruits carry through and through. High acid and there’s that delicate dust. Hint of oak wood. Smoke and spice all intermingle. Hint of star anise! Love this—it’s just like a light curtain in the background. Long finish. And still those red fruits persist. This is everything you want a Grenache to be…everything it SHOULD BE. Medium body, but for those that are used to thick, persistently jammy and high alcohol expressions, it will feel like the lightest of bodies. 

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Ehlers Estate 2019 Sauvignon Blanc

Don’t be afraid of a Napa Valley white wine—at least not from Ehlers Estate when it’s in the hands of winemaking extraordinaire Laura Diaz. I recently had the chance to speak with Laura about her vineyard and cellar techniques and what makes this Sauvignon Blanc so special. Details and both our tasting notes can be found in this video.

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Passaggio Wines 2018 Mourvedre

Muddy fruity water.

Earthy funky sweet shrooms.

Dirt of the earth with seeds of the flowers that will bloom. 

Feeds my soul, satiates my spirit. I drink it in and absorb.

Be me become me overtake my dreams. And still and still I want more.

It’s not an addiction. It’s nothing so hollow. More like holding the hand of a very best friend.

Who knows when to touch you, when to leave you be. Who knows when it’s your time to end.

To become part of that mud, become part of that earth.

Become part of those potential flowers.

Bury me deep, cover me in sand.

Let me melt,

let me…

let me…

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