It’s always fun when I’m watching a cooking show and I think, “I can do that.” Of course, how often do I really “do that?” Well, I did this time — “that” is this carrot cake.

This carrot cake was inspired by a recipe developed by Matt Sinclair on Master Chef Australia 2016. We have an anti-sweet-tooth in the family who’s not usually one to request desserts, but once he saw this beauty on the telli, it was an immediate birthday request. So, I did my research, figured out how to tweak a few ingredients, and made this “less-guilt” version of the decadent original.

A Note About the Recipe:  A few key ingredients to make this less-guilt carrot cake are non-fat cream cheese, Stevia in the raw (or a similar sugar substitute made for baking), sugar-free maple syrup, non-fat greek yogurt, and unsweetened cashew milk (or non-fat dairy milk). All substitutions can be replaced with equal amount of traditional ingredients (such as pure maple syrup, full fat cream cheese and yogurt), which will result in a denser cake.

What truly makes this carrot cake unique (besides the healthy tweaks) is the use of a carrot marmalade in the center. This portion of the recipe, so unique and unfamiliar to me, is taken directly from Matt Sinclair’s recipe. I’ve also used his rustic plating as inspiration, but have substituted candied walnuts and the walnut crumb for simply crumbled raw walnuts.

Ok…now for the recipe…


Cake Inspiration
The Inspiration – Photograph courtesy of Master Chef AU website.

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