Sometimes, the glamour of a dish is in the details. It’s that extra 10% you give a plate of food that takes it from “yum” to “wow.” It’s what will make your guests feel special because you’re serving them something that tastes special. And it doesn’t have to be technical, or even fancy. And that’s the beauty of a coulis…

Raspberry Coulis

This is a very versatile recipe — and super simple. It can be made with any fruit or berry really. This recipe is specifically a raspberry coulis, but I’ve followed these steps for strawberry (great on angel food cake), blackberry, cherry, and even a blended berry coulis. So, use what flavors you think will go well with your dish, the fruit you enjoy the most, and of course seasonal is always preferable.

Raspberry Coulis on Brioche
Raspberry Coulis on Brioche

Liven up breakfast with a little coulis on brioche.


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