The inspiration for this pizza comes from my one and only visit to Delfina Pizza. I don’t eat a lot of restaurant pizza, mostly because, even though I LOVE pizza, I’m really picky about it. That’s why I usually opt to make my own. But when a celebratory work event dictates your lunch will be pizza, you may as well go all in and try what the restaurant has to offer. Now, this is by no means a restaurant review of Delfina, but suffice it to say I highly recommend it and hope to return again. If anything, for the broccoli rabe pizza…

Like I said, I much prefer to make my pizza at home. The good news is that Delfina’s pizza has that homemade quality about it, so it’s not too hard to replicate. So, this is my twist on their broccoli rabe pizza.

A Note about the Recipe: To get the broccoli the right texture and to make sure the garlic is completely cooked through, I highly recommend pre-cooking both those items in a pan over the stovetop prior to adding them to the pizza.

I’m including this picture so you can see how much I cooked the broccoli prior to cooking the pizza. The stems should still have a bit of a crunch factor to them, while the heads will look a tad soggy. This will result in a thoroughly cooked stem and a nicely charred head once the pizza is done baking.


Make your own pizza dough! See my Easy Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe.

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