Crusty on the outside, cloud-like on the inside. Isn’t that what you look for in a dinner roll? So much the better when they’re warm, right out of the oven. Slice it open and a plume of steam puffs out and the aroma is just overwhelming. Yeah, I have a thing for bread. A love thing…

The good news is that with the use of active dry yeast and the dough hook of a stand-mixer, these rolls are easy (and fun) to make!

A Note About this Recipe: I’ve indicated a special technique in the recipe that is totally optional. If you like your rolls crispy on the outside (like I clearly do), then I recommend including an oven safe dish filled with ice cubes on the bottom rack of your oven while you bake the bread. This technique allows steam to release as the bread is baking which gives it a real “french bread experience” (read: crunch).

If you’re not a dinner roll person, this recipe will also yield 2 8-inch french loaves (pictured below). To do so, follow the steps through the first rest and rise. After the first rise, divide the dough in two. Roll out each half into 2 large rectangles. Roll the rectangles “jelly roll style,” folding the ends underneath. Place in lightly oiled 8-inch loaf pans. Gently score the loaf 3 or 4 times. Bake as instructed in recipe.


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