In the interest of full disclosure — I am not a beer girl. I mean, I am and I’m not. For the most part I stick with my You-Name-It-Lights and really can’t drink more than one before my belly feels like it’s going to burst with bubbles. BUT, on the rare occasion I find a real, full-bodied beer I actually like, enjoy, and want to pair with food — like Anchor Brewing’s Anchor California Lager — well, that’s something to celebrate. So today I say, Cheers to Beer!

anchor lager

Yes, I know it’s a lager, which is pretty light in the beer world. But if there’s anyone else out there like me who has more of a palate for wine than beer, I think (I hope) you’ll appreciate my recommendations. I look for something light enough I can enjoy from start to finish, but also has a certain depth of flavor that I can think about and discuss.

About the Beer: So, it’s no wonder I like this beer. It’s made in San Francisco with California barley and California hops. Talk about hometown brewing…

First brewed in 2012 and bottled in 2013, this wine is pretty much available year round, although I tend to see it more readily available in the summer at my local markets. The beer is made with 2-row pale malt and cluster hops. 4..9% ABV

Flavor Profile: The first thing I noticed about this beer is how creamy it is straight out of the bottle. It emits a bit of a caramel-like flavor without being sweet. On the tongue, it has a nice, round mouthfeel. As it lingers on the palate, you’ll get some floral notes along with a bit of nuttiness. It’s not until the aftertaste that you discover the yeast — but it’s not overpoweringly prominent. There’s a low level of bitterness in the finish that’s most enjoyable, enticing you to take another sip.

Food Pairing: Because of the caramel and nutty notes, I find that this beer best pairs with glazed meats like Cedar Plank Salmon, barbeque pork, or even a good juicy Burger topped with your favorite sauce. Honestly, I drank this with a hotdog and it was pretty damn amazing…

More Info: To learn more about Anchor Brewing (if you don’t know about them already?) and to find out where you can purchase their beers, visit their site. I purchased a 6-pack of this particular beer at Safeway (Sale Price: $8.99)

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