If you’re new to Franciacorta, like I was when I received this wine, then you may be interested to know that the name, like Champagne, refers to a region — a region in northern Italy. Like many of Italy’s finest wines, the Franciacorta DOCG is located in a hilly portion of the country — between the southern shore of Lake Iseo and the city of Brscia — with mineral-rich, calcereous gravel and sandy soils and deeper limestone bedrock.

The DOCG spans 5,400 acres which is planted to Chardonnay (85%), Pinot Nero (10%), and Pinot Blanco (5%) — the DOCG’s “permitted” grape varieties.

All Franciacorta is made inthe metodo classico. Nonvintage Franciacorta must be aged for 18 months with yeast contact (as opposed to 15 months for Champagne). Vintage Franciacorta, or Millesimato must have 30 months of yeast contact (comparable to Champagne).

Designations for dosage is the same as Champagne: pas dosé, or dosage zéro; pas opéré: maximum 2 g/l of rs; extra brut: 6 g/l; brut: 15 g/l; extra dry: 12–20 g/l; sec: 17–35 g/l; demi-sec: 33–50 g/l.

About the Wine: The Villa Crespia NumeroZero Franciacorta is a non-vintage sparkling wine made from 100% Chardonnay grapes harvested from the Caneva, Corte, Crespia, Gazzolo, Pozzolo, Rampaneto, Valla, Valli, and Pozzolo vineyards — Villa Crespia estate vineyards located in different portions of the Franciacorta region of Italy. Each vineyard was vinified seperately and assembled according to their origin. The pressed juices are aged partially in stainless steel and partially in barrique using a mixture of inoculated and native yeasts.

Secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle, per the metodo classico. (Read more about the traditional method of making sparkling wine.)

NumeroZero, as the name implies, has zero dosage.

13% ABV

Flavor Profile: Pop the cork of the Villa Crespia NumeroZero Franciacorta and breathe in aromas of fresh baked bread sticks, complete with toasted sesame seeds, and a faint background of citrus blossoms. On the pour, the sparkling wine is a pale straw, settling into the glass the pure definition of gold.

Initial aromas are of peach, wet stone, salty sand, and a hint of vanilla. Swirl and wake up a bit of the citrus — perhaps a bit of orange — pineapple pith, and coconut. The palate of the Franciacorta is dry, savory, with an almost roasted or toasted note that sticks all around and through and through. There’s a subtle note of spice, and that citrus scented on the nose doesn’t come in until the very end — engaging that orange with a bit of lime. There’s a light note of a hearty flower.

Dominant flavors are of toast, toasted sesame seeds, orange and lime zest, white spice, warm heat. The finish is lingering with a prickle on the tongue and warmth in the heart and in the mouth.

More Info: I received the Villa Crespia NumeroZero Franciacorta as a sample for review. (Cheers Constance!) Retail: $30. For more information about Villa Crespia, visit the Fratelli Muratori website.

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