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Tercero Wines 2016 Aberration: Cabernet Franc

Aberration: A departure from what is normal or expected…

Usually one for Rhône varietals, it certainly is a “departure from what is normal” to see a Cabernet Franc from Larry of Tercero Wines. But, as is his nature, if something is interesting to him, he’ll experiment with it, not letting a “reputation” or a “theme” hold him back.

“This is my first year with Cab Franc,” says Larry, “a variety that I’ve been intrigued with for quite some time, especially those coming out of Chinon.” Chinon, is another “unexpected” when it comes to influencing New World wines. It’s a small town just outside of the Loire valley whose red-centric wines are marked by a gritty rusticity due to the mountainous terrain. And that’s just what Larry loved when he tasted those wines and what he’s re-created — California-style.


Steele Wines 2014 Writer’s Block Cabernet Franc

I came across Steele Wines during my last tour of Lake County Wine Country. A pleasant experience all around: great staff, a large tasting menu, and — of course — enjoyable wines. But the one that struck me the most — the bottle I came home with — was the 2014 Writer’s Block Cabernet Franc. Sourced from Shannon Ridge Vineyards in the High Valley area of Lake County, the wine shows the true expression of everything one knows and loves about the Cab Franc grape (assuming, you’re like me and love the grape). But what’s more is the story that goes along with it…