How’s everyone doing? Everyone staying safe and healthy out there? Have enough TP and wine to last you through summer?

Maintaining your social distance?

I have to admit that this whole Covid-thing hit harder than I could have imagined. To all who have been immediately effected by it, I’m sending out all the good thoughts I can muster. Despite all the funny memes out there about being stuck inside and respecting the 6-foot distance, I’m fully aware that, in reality, it’s not a laughing matter.

That being said, I do hope to maintain an air of positivity here in my personal space. While my job dictates that I report on the effects the crisis is having on our industry, my aim for my personal site is to keep the focus on the good that’s going on in the world. I receive press releases daily about wineries who are out to help their local community—I will share the most relevant ones here. If you are a public relations agent or winery representative that has news to share, please contact me directly.


With more time on my hands, there will certainly be more wine reviews coming your way—so stay thirsty. And, with respect to the current situation I’ll do my best to mention when a featured winery is offering curb-side pick up or delivery options as well.

I’ve also finally updated my professional profile and portfolio onto this site. You can learn more about my career, read writing samples, and even view my resumé if you so desire. Just visit the Business section of the site.

Lastly, I want to do a call out to all wineries: Who is conducting online/virtual tasting, specifically for the trade/media? Anyone want to take me through the vineyard? Walk me through your winemaking process? Get geeky in the cellar with me? Let me know—I’m eager to jump in and familiarize myself with, what has become, the new interview process. The best part is—travel is no longer an issue. So if you’re trying to boost your online/social media presence, want to practice talking about your wine business on camera—whatever—shoot me a note. I’d love to chat—whether you’re a local Sonoma name or an international wine brand. Let’s bring the world closer together with wine.

That’s it for now.

Stay happy and healthy for me.


BriscoeBites officially accepts samples as well as conducts on-site and online interviews. Want to have your wine, winery or tasting room featured? Please visit the Sample Policy page where you can contact me directly. Cheers!

**Please note: all reviews and opinions are my own and are not associated with any of my places of business. I will always state when a wine has been sent as a sample for review. Sending samples for review on my personal website in no way guarantees coverage in any other media outlet I may be currently associated with.**

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