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WSET Diploma Tasting and Theory—Rosé

Let’s take tasting to theory. Below I have two wines: Gerard Bertrand Cote des Roses Rose 2019 and Chateau d’Aqueria Tavel Rosé 2018. Write yourself a few dry tasting notes and then answer the question—What are the environmental and winemaking factors that contribute to the differences in these two wines?

When you’re ready, read my tasting notes and thoughts on the theory.


This Week’s Latest Wine Headlines: January 3—January 8

Happy New Year and happy weekend to you. What a week it’s been, eh? I don’t know about you but ever since the events on Wednesday, I’ve found it hard to focus on pretty much anything else. So, in case you missed some of the latest happenings in the world of wine and food, I’ve got my weekly round up ready for you—including a piece by yours truly.

And for those of you studying along on my WSET Diploma journey, make sure to take a look at these latest posts: WSET Diploma Tasting—Common Grape VarietyWSET Diploma Tasting—Common Region of Origin, WSET Diploma Tasting—Burgundy’s Chardonnay Spectrum, WSET Theory—Burgundy Chardonnay.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and drink good wine.


This Week’s Latest Wine Headlines: December 6—December 11

Hello my friends. As I write this, Sonoma has announced we are going into another lockdown—something, in my opinion, we should have taken on board sooner. But despite personal opinion, whether you agree or disagree, I urge you all to be safe and follow the local ordinances of your state and county.

With that out of the way, I’ve got my weekly list of wine-centric news and blogs. So please, scroll away, catch up, have fun, leave a comment if you feel so inclined.

For those of you following along on my WSET Diploma journey, apologies for the lack of posts. I’m hoping to get them going again soon but I’ve been spending a lot of time balancing work and study. Connect with me if you’re in the middle of your Diploma as well—would love to learn how others are tackling this D3 process and what kinds of tips/tricks/info you’d like to see covered here. Always happy to engage.

Signing off—have a fun, safe, and healthy weekend.


This Week’s Latest Wine Headlines: November 15—November 20

Here’s my weekly roundup of wine and food—and this week travel—news. Though not all articles included are about the pandemic, I have to admit that, regardless of what’s on this list, the biggest news going into this weekend is certainly how the COVID pandemic continues to affect our lives.

This week is Thanksgiving in the US. I implore you, whatever you decide to do—be safe, take care of yourself, take care of your families and friends, take care of your fellow humans.

Thank you.