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This Week’s Latest Wine Headlines: August 16—August 21

Breathe. Everyone just take a deep breath in. (I know the air quality is bad.) Hold. Slowly release. We will get through this. We will get through this and 2020 will just be that year that happened that one time. We’re in the thick of it now, so it seems overwhelming and horrible and unforgivable. And it’s ok to feel that way. Let yourself feel that way. Then breathe. Then move forward. Move forward and let’s help each other through this.

Listen, much of the news this week centers around the fires that are strewn across California, many of which are concentrated in and around our state’s various (not just Napa/Sonoma) wine countries—North, Central and South. As a Sonoma resident, I’d like to let you all know that I am safe and healthy. Please send your thoughts, prayers, and charitable donations to those who are immediately affected. (Direct Relief, Napa Valley Community Foundation, California Fire Foundation, Red Cross, UndocuFund, Sonoma Family Meal)

A few helpful resources: County of Sonoma: Sonoma County Fire Incident Map; Press Democrat: What to pack in your evacuation bag

But let’s not forget, there’s still an election going on. And the US is not the only going going through issues at the moment—read about what’s happening in Australia cellar doors and international trade market and South Africa’s battle with prohibition.

I urge you, though, scroll through. It’s not all bad news. I love this profile piece by Dorothy Gaiter on Garry Farrell’s Theresa Heredia (cheers to this proud Latina, LGBTQ Sonoma winemaker); this first-person account by Jeanne Vito, an Afropean wine entrepreneur brought up in Chablis, working in the wine industry and living between South Africa, Togo, and Germany; and it looks like the Finnish are onto some kind of hangover cure

That’s all from me for now.

Breathe. Stay safe. Stay health. Stay positive. Breathe