This Week’s Latest Wine Headlines: November 8—November 13

It’s been another week filled with crazy current events, and I don’t blame you if you feel like you can’t focus on any one thing. That’s certainly how I feel most days. Don’t forget to take time to relax, breathe, and drink a glass of wine.

This week, the Somm-Scandal continues, as the organization attempts to restructure from the inside out. Meanwhile, the once closely associated GuildSomm is doing just the same, hiring a completely new board of directors in an effort to promote inclusion and diversity. But is it too late for the name—and maybe even the concept of—sommelier to be completely smeared in the eyes and ears of the wine industry and the consumer base? Curious what you all think…

Meanwhile, the ever increasing COVID cases throughout the US is significantly affecting the future of wineries, breweries, and bars and restaurants.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Wine Enthusiast has just this week released their full list of Wine Star Awards (of which I’m honored to say I was able to help write-up a few profiles); the Masters of Wine, in lieu of an in-person celebration, has created a video honoring the newest 23 individuals who’ve earned the coveted title—so now we can all join in the fun; and, this is totally random, but I found this breakfast-for-dinner recipe that I just had to share.

Down in the Blogs, we’ve got some independent insight as well as some great educational posts. So scroll through, have some fun, and don’t be shy to share your thoughts. Cheers and happy weekend-ing.


Taste and Learn: Wines of Bordeaux

Here comes the fun part of the Bordeaux series—tasting! Putting all that knowledge from the previous four posts into palate-perspective. If you haven’t read through the France Overview, Bordeaux Overview, the Left Bank, and Right Bank articles, definitely do before diving in.

This photo has nothing to do with anything, I just really couldn't help myself...
This photo has nothing to do with anything, I just really couldn’t help myself…

Alright, ready for this amazingness? (Yes, yes you are…)


Right Bank Bordeaux

Here we go into the Right Bank of Bordeaux and associated appellations. If you’ve not yet read either my France Overview or my Bordeaux Overview, please do so, as there are a lot of key terms and concepts covered there that will help make sense of this post. I’ve also already covered the Left Bank of Bordeaux here.

Included is also a look at the Entre-deux-Mers as well as the sweet wine appellations of BordeauxSauternesBarsac, and other, smaller sweet AOCs.

Right Bank Bordeaux, France; Fernando Beteta
Right Bank Bordeaux, France; Fernando Beteta


Bordeaux Overview

Alright cool kids, here we go, diving right into France‘s most popular region—Bordeaux. If you’ve not read my generic France Overview, definitely do. I cover a few key terms that will be important to know going forward.

Here we’re going to cover a lot of information as it pertains to Bordeaux as a whole. Separately, we’ll dive into the Left and Right Banks and take a look at the specific AOCs, crus, wine styles etc.

France Bordeaux Overview; Fernando Beteta
France Bordeaux Overview; Fernando Beteta


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