When I was a kid I was a frequenter of Panda Express. I remember one day hanging out at the mall with my friend, each of us with a plate full of “Chinese” food and looking at the back of my soda cup, which read, “You ordered the orange chicken, didn’t you?” Yeah, I did. Of course I did. You can’t go to Panda Express and not order the orange chicken. Ok, flash forward to the Stacy of today, and I’m always looking for healthy alternatives to childhood pleasures. Enter this baked orange-glazed cauliflower dish…

A few notes about the recipe. I recommend the first time you do this dish to single-dredge the cauliflower to see how you like it. If you’ve done recipes like this before or just know you like things a bit more crispy, then go ahead and double-dredge the florets. The below picture shows the result after baking a single-dredge batch.

Another note is about the glaze. I have no qualms using substitute sugars to reduce the calories of a dish. For this sauce, I used Splenda baking sugar instead of regular sugar and Heinz reduced sugar ketchup. I’ve indicated the equivalent measurements in my recipe below.


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